The whole principle of arguing with women is intrinsically wrong

I’m not claiming the link is really on topic but (a) I like Simon Pegg (b) I like Sally Phillips too – rather a lot (c) she does say that and she topples him too…  After that, it’s less interesting.

Meanwhile, more of this:

She’s right.  You can have a lot more sex in a chastity belt than without one, oddly enough, especially if you’re taken to the right clubs.

Of course Suzie won’t mind at all, but it’s kind of her to ask.  Consent – it’s the foundation of BDSM.

I must say, I find all these lovers’ pet names a bit embarassing, don’t you?  Goodness, if I were Brad I’d be cringing with humiliation right now.

I mean, obviously, the two of you can always use a gag when you play, but I’ve always thought that really spoils the sensation for the woman.  A muffled ‘mmmpph’ can be cute enough, but sometimes what she really needs is a good, sustained session of agonised, terrified screaming.  Yum.

Actually, he is still experiencing a paid-for abduction fantasy.  Only difference being: it’s hers.


0 thoughts on “The whole principle of arguing with women is intrinsically wrong”

  1. Hello,

    I love your captions, they are really nices!
    I'm glad to see some captions as powerfuls as theses, they make me want even more this life!

    Thanks for your work.

    Can you please do captions relating to "friendzone", with the humiliation side etc I think it could be great!
    If you know blogs/sites with captions like yours, with friendzone stuff or not, please tell me!


    PS: sorry if my english is broken, im not a native speaker

  2. Nothing wrong with your English, certainly better than my ability to write in foreign.
    Thank you for commenting so kindly. I'm not really sure what Friendzone is but I expect Mistress Google does, so I'll look it up and I'll see what I can do.

    There are quite a few caption sites around and lots of femdom tumblrs aggregate them. I like to think there's none quite like mine… but I quite like this one as a place to get started:

  3. Ah, OK. I assumed it was some sort of social media thing. I already do those occasionally… I'll do some more, I expect.


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