Unrelenting love

Don’t worry: what it lacks in teasing, it makes up in denial.


My gender doesn’t so much sit on a spectrum as cower timidly beneath one.



He’s a bit dim too, to be honest.  Well… thick as two short planks, to be quite brutal about it.  But she doesn’t seem to mind that, oddly.

I think she might have had an idea.

Many women just hate it when important discussions are side-tracked by irrelevant opinions.  My SO has very low tolerance for that sort of thing, which is unfortunate as all my opinions are irrelevant.

Loving tyranny

But if we’re going to have a talk then surely I shouldn’t be wearing a gag?  I don’t think she’s thought this through.


After the war, those that survived the mission never spoke about what they went through.  They did their duty, that’s all anyone needs to know.




My SO is almost like a human lie detector. When I know I’ve done something wrong and she questions me about it, my heart starts racing and I go into a cold sweat.


My SO loves acting out teasing and denial fantasies.  Admittedly, we’ve only tried it once but it’s going very, very well.


It’s her book club choice, so the house’ll be full of her friends eager to discuss it, at the weekend.  Better get the drinks and nibbles in.

She says…

now baby just you shut your mouth.

Not complaining.  It’s just that I usually make it through the first three minutes without one, that’s all.

Try to be reasonable.  She is. She sees good in everyone actually – a rare gift.

Obviously, it’s all perfectly consensual.  She asked for her husband to be beaten. And she’s got a safeword – you know, just in case it goes too far. 
My SO and I are actually playing what I’m fairly sure is the longest game of tease and denial ever right now.  We started on our wedding night and it’s just amazing.  I tried calling the Guinness Book of Records people but they said it didn’t count because I am such a sad little loser.

Downton domination. More of these to come.

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