Loving tyranny

But if we’re going to have a talk then surely I shouldn’t be wearing a gag?  I don’t think she’s thought this through.


After the war, those that survived the mission never spoke about what they went through.  They did their duty, that’s all anyone needs to know.




My SO is almost like a human lie detector. When I know I’ve done something wrong and she questions me about it, my heart starts racing and I go into a cold sweat.


My SO loves acting out teasing and denial fantasies.  Admittedly, we’ve only tried it once but it’s going very, very well.


It’s her book club choice, so the house’ll be full of her friends eager to discuss it, at the weekend.  Better get the drinks and nibbles in.

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  1. Honey, now kiss the whip and thank me for correcting you. Good.

    I did warn you that if you give me any more back chat then I would punish you. When I told you my mom is coming for the weekend you gave me attitude. Now don't cry, babe. You are silly. Kneel here between my legs and I will comfort you.

    Aww there, there honey. Don't cry, you know you deserved it. You are so naughty lately. Ever since we came back from India. Now stand up and compose yourself.

    Go and freshen up the guest bedroom, give it an airing…..and put some flowers in there. Go go go.

    Good boy. Have you learnt your lesson? Remember no back chat.


  2. She explained the reason once. Something to do wioth superior intelligence, I think, but I'll confess I didn't understand perfectly. Sometimes Mistress knows I'm lying even when I believe I'm telling the truth, so she really must be much clverer than me. Perhaps that's all I need to know.

    Best wishes


  3. So many warnings and reminders, Ms Zoe. Really, the silly boy would have no one to blame but himself, even if he didn't have you there to blame him directly.

    Many thanks, as ever, for these little glimpses into your well-ordered life.

    Best wishes


  4. Yes so many men don't want to talk about what hell it was during the war. A lot of Women though in groups did and we are indebted to them for giving a complete picture of what happened. Femsup

  5. Very true. And unliker the men who fought on the other side, they didn't have the luxury of a few years in a re-education camp to work through their more painful memories. If the war taught us anything, though, it's that there's nothing wrong with a man showing his feelings when he's in pain.

    Best wishes


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