Dressed to oppress

Desires are OK.  You’re welcome to have desires.  But they’re not needs.


I don’t feel very masculine.  But then I never do.





OK, better humour her. I hope she does actually know the way, though – there’s nothing worse than asking someone on the street for directions, and you get into a conversation and it turns out they don’t really know.




She’s right, but even the saddest, loneliest life can be lit up by Joy.

Actually, she’s wrong about that – you don’t need to learn to control yourself, not now she’s around.

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  1. I love the idea that a girly blue dress is masculine. The sissy is a bit spoilt I would say. Zoe.

  2. There are one or two things I want to talk to you about. Come and kneel at my feet, ok? Good boy.

    Now Master James is going away for a while. I know this may unsettle you because you are not good with change. I understand but you must know we both appreciate what a good boy you are. To be honest he is taking his wife and children and they are thinking of moving to Scotland, ok? I am a bit upset because he only mentioned it after we had a big row.

    Anyway I'm going out with a man I met last week, called Aaron. So don't worry, you are safe as long as you keep on being good. He knows you are my sissy husband, so call him sir, as usual,ok?

    Aww you are sweet. Yes, I could take you out but I don't think it would work. Imagine me with my sissy…..it would be a bit odd.

    Now if James rings or is at the door, he is still your master so be obedient and don't annoy him.

    Now the other thing I wanted to mention before I go and do my makeup is how good you were with my mother…..well done you!

    Come upstairs and I'll let you watch as I put on my makeup. Kneel by the stool, good boy.

    First foundation, then blend some concealer in. Now my eyes. Brush some smoky eye shadow and dark eyeliner. Pardon? Aww sweetie I do need some help with my look. Do you think Aaron will like it?

    Go and answer the door, it must be him, Remember call him sir, make him welcome, babe…..good boy!

    I finish my makeup, put on a pretty black dress, pantyhose and heels.Some earrings and a necklace……perfect.

    "Oh hi, Aaron. Hope the sissy has been a good boy…..shall we go?"

    "Bye babe, don't wait up, ok?"


  3. Aww honey don't play up. You don't speak to me that way. I know you really liked James and so did I. He and I had a big row because he took me for granted and now he has gone back to his wife and children. He told me he loved me and would divorce Diana, but that's changed now, honey.

    I'm disappointed, of course I am. I know you really liked him and he spoilt you but that doesn't mean you can criticize me for what happened. I couldn't stand the way he ignored my feelings and would cancel a date at a moment's notice if Diana or the kids were being difficult. He just expected me to fall in line. I know sometimes the kids were ill or Diana was in a strop. But I have feelings too and I should be put first if he loves me.

    I would be thrilled if James came to my doorstep and divorced the bitch, but I can't see it.

    Now fetch the cane, honey. I need to take my anger and hurt out on you and remind you what I have said about giving me attitude.

    (20 minutes later). I am going to have a shower and get ready for Aaron, ok?

    Please give Aaron a chance, babe.

    Now get on with your chores. I want the place vacuumed and polished.


  4. Perhaps a little spoilt but the poor thing needs a bit of reassurance about his masculinity, now that new clinic has opened up. Plus, those ladies have started to comment more and more frequently on how unsightly his 'visible penis line' is when wearing tight-fitting clothes (a little unfairly, in my view, as most of that bulge is the steel tube they make him wear).

    Best wishes


  5. Ah… boyfriend trouble. The bane of a sissy's life. The important thing, Miss Zoe, is to think of your own happiness. It sounds like you're doing that and I'm sure that's what your sissy really wants too, even if he does not realise it yet.

    Best weishes


  6. Perhaps there's a compromise here, in that you could let your sissy go and clean James's place once or twice a week? That would be very kind and I'm sure Diana wouldn't mind. Or do a little babysitting.

    Of course there's no need for any compromise if you'd rather not – it's your cane, after all.

    Many thanks as ever for your lovely contributions.


  7. "Babe can you get the door, please?

    "Oh hi Rachel, how lovely to see you. How is James?"

    "James is fine. Can we talk?"

    "My boy will bring coffee, then we can have a girly chat in the sunroom. You know I broke with James. He just didn't treat me well, you know? By the way I love your shoes, so nice."

    "I know you screwed my husband. We can be friends though. I have always liked you."

    "Is that coffee ok? My sissy is such a good boy."

    "He is sweet. Now I need a cleaner and I wonder if you would allow your sissy to help. Perhaps twice a week to clean, dust and make beds. Just because you are no longer in James's life doesn't mean we can't still be friends. We've known each other since university after all."

    "I think we could help you. Why not email me with details. Now you know you can discipline him if necessary."

    "Thanks babe."


  8. Note: when I say RACHEL in the above story I mean DIANA.

    A blonde moment. Although if any man were to point out my mistake he would be thrashed into next week for gross impertinence, ok?

    Morons don't get to criticize even when I make a mistake.


  9. Of course, Ms Zoe. Indeed, even the phrase 'blonde moment' could cause a well-deserved thrashing or four if used in an inappropriate context such as male speech – Mistress Eleise de Lacy springs to mind, as she so often does.

    I generally play safer and prefer an unambiguous phrase like 'male moment' although that might convey too extreme a level of incompetence to apply to your own minor slip.

    Best wishes


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