Heroine addiction


My SO says I’m a sore loser and I indeed, I usually am.



She’ll forget, so why shouldn’t he?


She’s shortly to embark on an exciting project to test the effect of repeated applications on saliva on shoe-leather, just as soon as she secures the funding.

I’ve been declared mentally incapable – physically too, come to think of it – by many women, but never formally.

She seems very relaxed about the thought of all that jerking-off.  I suppose it made her and Patty a lot of money… but it’s not as if they deliberately encourage it, is it?  Oh look, here’s a short clip from the second movie.  Just put it on repeat if it’s not quite long enough for you.

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  1. Good morning babe, pour me a coffee please and take one up to Aaron. He should be out of the shower by now. Remember no boy chat, ok? You got in so much trouble when you tried to act like a boy mate to James, and with Raoul, do you remember?

    Thanks babe. That homemaker dress you are wearing looks a bit tight on you now. Have you put on some weight? We'll check on the bathroom scale later. Might have to put you on a diet I reckon.

    Now I'm very busy at work this week. Have to write a long report for the Board on the Winning Ways Project. They want figures too so it's a big no to consideration of your chastity release, so sorry. I know I forgot last month, and July I was on holiday with James. Anyway no need to sulk you are much happier without that nonsense, you have to admit. In June you had a whole 20 minutes release, so you're doing quite well really. Sorry? No not October because that is my birthday and you don't get release during that month, you shouldn't even ask. In fact we will be getting close to Christmas then and you know you are never released near the major holidays like Easter and Christmas and birthdays. I promise I'll see how busy I am next week, ok?

    Now if you were a good boy you would say at this point, whatever suits you princess. Don't you think? Arsehole!

    Now I think Diana is going to ring this morning. She wants to meet and have a girly chat. Just tell her it will have to be this Saturday or not for a month, ok? She has been such a dear since James went back to her and the kids. I didn't like seeing him behind her back but, as I have told you before, he is such a great lover…amazing and so tender and skilful.

    Ok honey? Oh hey Aaron, have a good shower? Come and kiss me before you go. See you tonight.

    Right I'm going up to do my makeup and then I'm going to work to write that report.

    Remember to vacuum and dust the house, good boy.


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