Despised and rejected by women

…whenever I get the chance, but usually I have to pay for the privilege.  Ah well.

Mistress Eleise blonde joke
I like a domme with a sense of humour.  But actually, I’ve always been able to make girls laugh.  I remember my very first date – in school the next day, she and all her friends giggled whenever they saw me.  Just a knack.
 I try to identify and pay hommage to featured pro-dommes here, after downloading, lusting after and defacing their pictures.  But does anyone not know this is Mistress Eleise de Lacey already?  I mean, really?  Come on guys – do try to pay attention.

Superglue femdom
Dommes: don’t try this at home.  You can chip off the paintwork.  Do it at his place, instead.

More pig-sticking
Good luck, George.

Annabels will
I’ll bet she does.
This lady – Lady Annabelle – doesn’t feature here quite as much as Ms de Lacey.  But she’s very lovely too (and has a wonderful voice) and you can find more pics and video of her here, you lucky little perverts.
Castration fetish
Well, I think it’s disgusting.  Reading a squalid little porno blog like that.  Yuk.

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