Ordered relationship

According to Wikipedia’s page on Order Theory: “In other contexts, orders may capture notions of containment.”  Well, that’s certainly true.  There are several types of orders, if I understand correctly, among which ‘strict ordering’ is clearly the best.

Oh, I think we know what Natasha’s going to say. She’s been breaking boys’ legs since she was a teenager.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Get to work!

If everything not OK, there might be some bureaucratic formalities to go through, at the male holding centre.

You have something you’d rather spend 60% of your income on, than the divine Lady Sophia Black?
 Awww no… I went to put in a link but her website has shut down and she is protecting her tweets.  I hope Lady Sophia hasn’t retired from the scene.  She’s wonderful.

She’s gone to all that trouble. The least you can do is suffer for her, hmm?

Helplessly devoted

When you wake up I’m sure you’ll feel quite different.

Looks like some language lessons are in order!

It’s good of Mike to make sure she’s satisfied before he has his fun. He’s thoughtful like that.

It can be difficult for stepchildren at first. Feelings of rage, resentment.  The books say it’s best not to hold it in, so from the look of it things are going to turn out all right in this case.

Nice warm bath with a cast-lit novel, then a back-rub and pop Elastrating Edward into the DVD player.  Bliss.

…and an extra one, because of previous incompetent duplicate posting.  Thanks Ralph D!

If it isn’t hurting…

…then you’re wasting your money.


Actually, I think she just wants to see you get beaten up.


The rule is that only the lower brown stripe can still be visible, before the traffic stick treatment can be considered complete.
It’s good that she’s so broadminded.  I’ll get me coat…


It’s what your right arm’s for.

It’s amazing the things they can do with CGI special effects these days.  They can actually make it look as if flesh is being burnt off with a red-hot brand, you know.  But her method’s better.

Remedial work

I do apologise for not posting yesterday.  And I see the stats for pageviews are way down on the day. I suppose that means many of you visit every time it is updated.  Goodness.  Hello there.  Some time soon, I’m going to try to find out more about you: which posts you like, which you don’t so much, and which you’d like me to be spanked for putting up.  That sort of thing. 

I was unable to post anything yesterday, because I was too busy trying to open a portal to the future to obtain a magazine subscription for Lady Grey.  Unsuccessfully, so now I’d better produce some extra work rather quickly, or I expect I will really be in trouble.  Also, for lying, because this is just not true.

I’ll get out of the way now, and let you at a few more than usual (wait for it, search engines): captioned images of female domination.

Beautiful woman is ever so nice about your small penis - mainly because youre paying her
Sometimes, pity can be more humiliating than contempt, don’t you agree?

I wish I got really turned on by ‘small dick humiliation’.  Then all my dates as a teenager would have been wildly exciting.  Of course, there’d have to be a ‘don’t quite know what to do with it anyway humiliation’ fetish too.

Captioned image of a classic femdom milking scenario
At least she hasn’t branded him.  That happens just before the drive into winter pastures, I understand.
Captioned image of beautiful eastern bloc soldiers in the Other World Kingdom
Aren’t they great?  Wouldn’t you just love to be running naked from them, ducking and weaving in blind terror to avoid the high-velocity rounds from their automatic weapons?  You wouldn’t?  Boy, you’re really weird, aren’t you?

Femdom wife wants you to lick it up
Raoul’s back – actually, I could tell because I’m the one who has to wash his underwear.

Captioned image of beautiful wife about to spank you for impertinence
I’ve a feeling I’ve used this picture before (but with a different caption).  If not, it’s been sitting on my computer without being captioned and posted, which seems quite implausible, considering.
Captioned image of something really most unpleasant about to happen
I think what we have here might be a cultural misunderstanding. It’s important to let her express her annoyance the way she wants to, without rushing to judgment or culturally insensitive condemnation.
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