Helplessly devoted

When you wake up I’m sure you’ll feel quite different.

Looks like some language lessons are in order!

It’s good of Mike to make sure she’s satisfied before he has his fun. He’s thoughtful like that.

It can be difficult for stepchildren at first. Feelings of rage, resentment.  The books say it’s best not to hold it in, so from the look of it things are going to turn out all right in this case.

Nice warm bath with a cast-lit novel, then a back-rub and pop Elastrating Edward into the DVD player.  Bliss.

…and an extra one, because of previous incompetent duplicate posting.  Thanks Ralph D!

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  1. The Step Daughter will make sure there is no unwanted attention from Her stepfather. Nice of the Mother to make sure Her Daughter is completely safe. Like that the Daughter is taking a run up looking after her health there too.

  2. Yes, they're very attentive aren't they? Unfortunately, her other two daughters are a lot less understanding and they are both really quite cross about her remarrying like that. But I'm sure they'll learn to enjoy having him around, eventually.

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