Femdom story: Something for the boys 2/3

The second chunk of a new Serena and Alice story, which I’ll publish in three chunks (it starts with part 3 below, because the parts I’m posting it in are not the same as the parts of the story and… and… oh it all made sense at the time).

This story gets quite heavy, particularly towards the end, with scenes of torture, non-consensual physical harm and even death done to (supposedly) humorous effect. If you don’t like that, that’s absolutely fine, and you don’t have to read it. It’s also a love story.

The story so far: Alice is visiting her friend Serena, who is a real scientist!  Read all about it here.

and Alice: Something for the boys 2/3
Part 3 – in which we struggle beyond halfway

Serena’s experimental subjects are all kept in carefully controlled conditions, to ensure that there are no distractions or environmental conditions that might affect the results of experiments.  Otherwise the science doesn’t work.


 “So that’s what happens when you mess with the hormones that
inhibit release of semen in day-to-day life” Serena remarked, once Experiment3564G
had left the room.  “No orgasms.  But what do you think happens if you do the
opposite, and close the tubes permanently?”

“Well, then no semen would ever be released, and…” Alice
began slowly.

Serena flicked open a mobile phone and stared briefly at the
screen.  “Actually, I’ll come back to
that a little later” she said.  “They
might be ready by then.”

“But there’s something almost as good”, she continued with
mounting enthusiasm.  “You’ve seen
continuous release. But what about a continuous orgasm? What if a man’s orgasm,
once started, just went on and on?”

“Well, that doesn’t sound cruel at all” Alice replied, in
disappointment.  “You’re not here to increase their sexual pleasure, after

Serena grinned wickedly. 
“Send in Experiment 7658H!” she called.

Soon a naked man stood shamefacedly before them, his wrists
handcuffed behind his back.  When he
glanced nervously up, Alice felt a sudden delighted shock of recognition.  It was someone she’d known at school –
called…oh, Carl?  Clive?  Colin! 
That was it.  This was Colin.  She’d quite liked Colin, she recalled.  How very enjoyable this was going to be.  There was always something rather special
about watching men that you knew suffer. 
And despite her misgivings about Serena’s promise of a ‘continuous orgasm’,
she thought it pretty likely that this one was going to suffer.  Serena had occasionally conducted experiments
that did not involve pain, humiliation and mutilation, but only when strictly
necessary in the interest of scientific progress.  And even then, generally she made sure the
subjects suffered in other ways. It was part of her dedication.

Colin caught Alice’s eye, and there was a sudden shock of
recognition.  Briefly, an expression of
wild, desperate hope started to spread across his face before Alice smiled
sweetly, gently shook her head and settled down with eyes half closed to watch
the fun.

Serena had noticed none of this, as she was busy pointing
out the altered features that Colin – or Experiment 7658H as he now was, and
would be forever – now possessed.

“You see, for too long I was investigating what causes
orgasms” she explained.  “But actually,
once they’ve started, orgasms would just keep going unless they receive a
chemical signal to stop.  So we suppress
that chemical signal.”

“Another little pill?” Alice asked.

Her friend shook her head, and pointed to a small red mark
on the side of the Experiment’s testicles. 
“There’s a gland in there.” she explained.  “We just drill in” – and at this point, Colin
looked a little faint, as if assailed by an unpleasant memory – “and then burn
it out.  Then we do the other side” and
Colin obediently turned to show an identical scar on the other side of his ball

“And then he can come continuously” Serena said. She looked
at her friend expectantly, but Alice sat in silence. She still thought it
sounded rather nice – once the testicle-drilling was out of the way, of course.

Serena clucked in exasperation.  “You’ll see” she said.  “Boy! 
When did you last come?”

“About seven weeks ago, Mistress.  38 days, actually.”

“So, back in May?” Serena prompted.

“Yes, if… err… if it’s late June or early July now,
Mistress.” Colin replied, uneasily.

“And have you been locked up since that date?” Serena

The man shook his head. “No Mistress.  I’ve been like this.”

“And do you have a lot of distractions?” Serena continued?

“No Mistress” he replied, rather emphatically Alice
thought.  “I’m kept naked and alone in a
room with nothing but a mattress and a bucket which serves as my toilet and
feeding pail.”

“Then why don’t you masturbate?” Alice broke in, in
exasperation.  “All boys masturbate, if
they can. Those handcuffs are hardly going to stop you.  You could rub yourself up against a
wall.  Why don’t you?”

“Because he doesn’t want to” Serena said, slyly.  “Do you, boy?”

“Well he wants to now” her friend said, obstinately. “Look”

Sure enough, the man’s initial terror at being in Serena’s
presence seemed to have been overcome, because his penis was steadily firming
up – and very soon began to rise.

“Boing!” Serena said, triumphantly.  “Men – so predictable.  Come here boy.”

Experiment7658H shuffled forward, whimpering slightly, the
tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes.

“Poor thing” Serena said sympathetically.  “All that time, with no release.  Why look at it – it’s practically bursting!”
And that seemed to remind her of something, as she opened her phone again as if
to check something before turning back to the matter at hand.

“No, still got some time yet” she muttered to herself.  Then she turned her attention back to the
penis in front of her, which was now rigidly upright, and purple at the tip. 

“Gosh, so ready
she whispered seductively.  “Mmmm.  So desperate to come. “ She unbuttoned her
blouse a little and Colin turned desperately to look at Alice who, realising
the game, gently drew her skirt up to expose her stocking tops.

“Do you know” Serena continued to coo.  “I really do think it’s ready to come.  Mmm. 
Any moment now. So if I just – “

and she 
leaned forward until her face was nearly touching the engorged cock,
parted her lips slightly and –

hard, the sudden burst of air making the penis sway back and forth.  Colin groaned.

  “Maybe one more “
she murmured, and blew again, this time causing the head to tap gently against
the man’s quivering stomach.  This was
more than enough for Colin, and he instantly started to grunt violently, as his
penis jerked about uncontrollably.

“Here we go” giggled Serena, drawing back quickly, to avoid
being splattered (to Colin’s extreme good fortune, it must be said.  He thought his life in the featureless cell
was hellish, but it was as nothing compared to the life he would have led –
admittedly rather briefly – had a drop of his semen polluted Serena’s person or

Colin was now well into the throes of orgasm. “UH! UH!” he
was grunting, in the usual way in which males experiencing an orgasm betray
their close affinity to pigs and cattle.

“See the balls jerking about?” Serena pointed out.  “The muscles are contracting, squeezing
seminal fluid out from the sort of spongy stuff it’s stored in, up the tubes
and – well, all over the floor just for now.”

Alice nodded quietly, wondering once again how so many women
could stand to have that sort of thing going on inside them.  Vanilla sex. 
It made her flesh creep just thinking about it.

Then she realised that something was odd.  The grunting wasn’t dying away, but was
becoming louder, and a little more urgent.

“He’s been spurting for about 40 seconds now” Serena
remarked.  “Already quite a lot longer
than the average orgasm.  He’s expelled –
oh, maybe three or four times the usual amount. 
And he’s still going on, as you see.”

The man’s grunts were more like shrieks now, as his orgasm
continued into its second minute.  The
semen continued to come out, but simply emerging and flowing away to the side,
now, lacking the volume to become airborne. 
But still it kept on coming – and so did Colin.  His balls were pumping as hard as ever, and
now his legs gave way, and he collapsed to the floor, still shrieking, his
genitals still thrashing around as if being whipped.  And clearly, it was at least as painful as
being whipped too.

“As the testicles run dry” Serena remarked “as the last few
drops are squeezed” – and here she
smiled as , with perfect timing, a particularly strong contraction resulted In
the emergence of another drop, and a despairing howl from Colin – “from the
tissue, it really starts to hurt.”

Of course, to do science properly you need a lot of precision-made equipment.


Alice nodded.  “I
remember when I used to let David have more than one orgasm” she agreed.  “It gets really sore.  After a bit, he didn’t want any more.  Used to say it was like having someone
scraping a nail inside your balls and penis, when you’re coming but there’s
really nothing left.”

Her friend nodded back. “Yes, quite a lot of men say
that.  Actually, you know, I tested it
and it’s not true.  Having a nail
scraping along inside the testicles feels quite different” and she wiggled her
beautifully manicured crimson fingernails at Alice with a wicked grin.

“But I know what they mean. 
It really hurts.  Of course, it
depends how potent the man is to begin with, how long they’ll enjoy it.  This process here” – and she indicated the
writhing man before them – “is the equivalent of about six orgasms a minute.  So Colin here, who is now on about his fourth
minute, is nearly at the equivalent of his twentieth. And he wasn’t very potent
to begin with – strictly a once-a-night man.”

Alice gazed in fascination. 
Once-a-night indeed!  David was a
four times a year man.  It was amazing to
think that the man in front of her had just experienced more sexual activity
than David could expect in five years. 
Well – she checked her watch – more like six years now.

“How long does it last?” she asked.

“About thirty minutes” Serena replied quietly.  “Of course, there’s nothing left to pump
after five minutes or so.  But his balls
keep on trying.  On and on, squeezing and
jerking away. And then he’s sore for weeks afterwards, of course.”

“I’d never thought of multiple orgasms as being a
punishment” Alice said, in wonder.

Serena smiled at her. 
“They needn’t be, you know” she said softly, and held her arms out.  And the two girls giggled and shrieked their
way to their own form of continuous orgasm, while below them Experiment7658H
(“Colin”, Alice thought deliciously, now what was his second name?) screamed blue murder as he lay on the floor,
jerking uncontrollably in a pool of seven weeks of his own semen production, in
the hellish agony that was now his sexual life.

Ready to do some science.



Now that seems like an excellent objective in life. On with the captioned images (of female domination).

Femdom pony play with great big whips hurrah
Highly skilled people are the banking industry’s greatest assets, so it’s reasonable when times are hard to sell a few of them off.

Female led marriage money making
What a kind offer.  And they you were thinking that Emma and Laura were man-hating lesbian feminists.  Just goes to show, you can never tell who will be the one to step forward with help.

Cock and ball story
Never mind.  There are only 24 hours in a Thursday, just the same as the other days of the week.

Fake blonde dominatrix in slave husband dreams
A femdom fantasy in a femdom reality.  How about that?

Threatening femdom or just vanilla
I don’t know why I’ve included this one.  Nothing femdom about it.  Is there?

Femdom story: Something for the boys 1/3


Linking to my older stories a few weeks back inspired me, so here is a new Serena and Alice story, which I’ll publish in three parts.  This story gets quite heavy, particularly towards the end, with scenes of torture, non-consensual physical harm and even death done to (supposedly) humorous effect. If you don’t like that, that’s absolutely fine, and you don’t have to read it.  It’s also a love story.

Don’t try any of this at home, by the way.  Use someone else’s place, as most of the activities are quite messy.

Serena and Alice: Something for the boys 1/3

Serena and Alice… aren’t they sweet?

“So what have you been up to lately – anything interesting?”
Alice asked happily.  She always looked
forward to her visits to her friend Serena’s laboratory, where so many men had
been subjected to… interesting… medical procedures.  All strictly in the cause of science, of

“Oh”, Serena said casually. 
“Not much really.  I’ve been
working a bit on the male orgasm.  Trying
to improve the mechanism, you know.”

Alice felt slightly disappointed.  “Male orgasm? 
You?” she enquired.  “I thought
you didn’t really approve of males having orgasms.  You always used to say that the best place
for a man’s testicles is in your medical cabinet”

Her friend smiled, and glanced lovingly at the wall covered
in wooden drawers, where her world-famous collection was housed.  “True, but you have to work with what there
is.” she replied.  “There are still a lot
of men in the world who are uncastrated.” 
She looked sad for a moment, while Alice reminded herself for the
umpteenth time that she really must take David in to be done.  She hoped Serena wouldn’t ask after him, as
it was quite an embarrassment to her that he was still complete.  Fortunately, Serena very rarely showed any
signs of interest in specific, individual men.

“Yes… so as there are still men out there having orgasms, I
thought I might look into the subject” Serena continued.  “See if I could… you know… improve things a
bit.  It’s all rather complicated down
there, as it turns out.  Lots of
different muscles, hormones.  Lots of
stuff you can fiddle with.”

”Pain receptors too, of course” she added,
thoughtfully.  Both ladies nodded
wisely.  Both were big fans of the
concentration of pain receptors in the testicles.  Indeed, Serena had identified at least
seventeen different ways of castrating a male while leaving the full complement
of pain receptors in place – or even enhancing it.

“A male orgasm is surprisingly complex, for such simple
creatures” Serena continued.  “Of course,
in its effects it’s not as sophisticated as the female ecstasy.  Four or five little squirts and it’s
done.  But there’s a complex machinery of
hormones and chemicals, as there’s first an erection, then the testicles
prepare to spurt, while tubes constrict to hold it back, then the tubes dilate,
muscular action results in rapid excretion of the seminal fluid, and then the
erection dies down again.”

“And then he goes back in his tube for three months” Alice
thought, absently.

“Anyway” Serena continued, “a very complex mechanism.  So I just thought I’d mess around with it a
bit: take a few parts out, put them back in in a different place, see what
happens if you try to run it all backwards, that kind of thing.”

“So what does happen” asked Alice, breathlessly.  She was so proud to have such a clever
scientist for a friend.

“Well, mostly nothing.” Serena admitted.  “Generally, if you mess around with it, it
just stops working, in one way or another. All rather fun, of course,
especially the look on their little faces when you tell them it’ll never work
again.  But there’s lots of ways of doing
that, of course, as we both know.”

“Yes indeed”, Alice smiled, while furiously trying to
remember whether she was doing  anything
on Tuesday.  Maybe she could take David
to the clinic on Tuesday.

“But sometimes you can break things in a more amusing way”
Serena continued.  “Did you know, for
example, that men can excrete semen constantly?”

“Certainly” Alice replied rather primly.  “David used to masturbate constantly before
he met me.  I had his old house
steam-cleaned throughout when I decided he should sell it.  Goodness knows where he’d been spraying the

“No no” Serena remarked, kindly.  “I don’t mean masturbating frequently.  I mean constant release.  All the time.”

Her friend just looked puzzled, so Serena picked up a small
remote control by her chair and laughingly pressed a button.

Instantly one of the men standing quietly ready for service
behind them let out an agonized shriek and collapsed to the ground, his hands
clutching ineffectively at the metal device between his legs.  Alice looked over with interest to where the
man lay writhing and screaming in agony. 
Blood was seeping out from underneath the metal.  It was going to make quite a mess, but she
supposed that Serena had plenty of people who could clean it up.

“Sorry, wrong button” Serena muttered, and pressed another.
Another of the men staggered slightly as if shocked, and stepped smartly

“Alice and I would like to see Experiment 3564G” Serena
said, without looking at him. “Oh” she added, glancing behind and raising her
voice slightly to carry over the unceasing screams.  “And you’d better have that taken away and
cleaned up.”

“Maybe leave it for just a little while longer?” Alice
asked, with a slight note of urgency in her voice.

Serena looked over at her friend, who was sweating ever so
slightly and breathing heavily.

“Of course, darling” she said, leaning forward to kiss her,
her own hand reaching gently between her friend’s legs.  And the sounds of agony behind them mingled
with increasingly delighted girlish shrieks, as Alice demonstrated the
superiority of the female orgasm over any gender-inferior rivals.
The Government’s trying to encourage more girls to do science.  And they should.  It can be a lot of fun.

Part 2 – in which we
get on with the plot, for goodness sake

Fifteen minutes later, Experiment 3564G stood before two,
relaxed and happy ladies.  He was a
rather handsome young man, smartly dressed in a business suit and neatly
groomed.  Alice was a little
surprised.  Generally, when men took on
names beginning with the word “Experiment” in Serena’s domain, they soon barely
appeared, sounded or acted human at all.

“He looks pretty normal to me” she said, trying to keep a
note of disappointment out of her voice.

“Oh, he is normal” Serena agreed.  “He lives a fairly normal life – has a job,
drives a car.  Of course, it all belongs
to me.”

“Of course” Alice said, slightly shocked.  Neither lady believed that men should own
things.  As Alice had once remarked to
David, her vibrator didn’t have a bank account so why should he?

“Except that he’s secreting seminal fluid right now” Serena
continued, casually.

“Is he?  The dirty
little…” Alice began, reaching reflexively into her handbag for a whip.

“No no” her friend laughed. 
“Look closely.”

Alice leaned forward. 
There was a small damp patch on the man’s crotch.  Alice’s nose wrinkled.

“Well that’s even more disgusting” she began. “I mean, he’s
not even locked up and – ”

“Doesn’t need to be” her friend remarked, languidly.  Then she changed her tone quite

“Drop your trousers!” she barked at the ‘Experiment’, who
hurriedly complied, looking nervous.  He
stood there, his genitals hanging down – still outwardly whole and (remarkably,
Alice thought) freely hanging without restraint, clamp or surgical suture.  A glistening thread of slime gently descended
from the tip of his penis towards the floor, before breaking and falling as a
tiny drop.

“Oh the filthy boy!” Alice exclaimed.  “Has he just come? Even David knows enough to
clean himself up after – “

And she broke off in embarrassment, for fear of giving away
her little secret about David’s continuing possession of his genitals.

But her friend was too absorbed to notice, and merely
laughed merrily.

“Not at all”, she replied. 

Alice looked again, and saw another drop slowly forming, and
eventually start its slow descent to the floor at the head of a glistening

Serena and Alice… saving the world, one boy at a time.
“Yuk” she pronounced. 
“When’s it going to stop?”

“It isn’t” Serena remarked quietly.

Alice looked puzzled. 
“What – not ever?”

“Not ever” her friend replied, with pride. “He just
oozes.  All the time.”

“Does he enjoy it?”

“No” Serena shrugged. 
“Not particularly.  It doesn’t
feel like anything, I think.  It just
oozes.  Of course, his cock and balls
feel a bit tender.  You know that feeling
that men have when they’ve just had a really big orgasm?”

Alice nodded.  She
loved giving David’s balls a good hard kicking after he’d had finished – and as
his orgasms were so infrequent, they were usually pretty huge.  And then there was the penis whip…maybe she’d
keep him intact just a little longer, it could be such fun.

“Well he feels like that all the time” Serena said, happily.
“Quite sensitive down there, aren’t you?” she called out, and the man – with a
frightened glance towards her knees – hurriedly agreed.

“How do you it?” Alice asked.

Serena smiled.  “Oh,
it’s nothing. Anyone could do it.  Oh –
as long as she’s an evil medical genius, obviously!”

She paused.  There was
silence.  In irritation, she reached for
the remote control and savagely stabbed a button.  After a sharp intake of several breaths from
around the room, all of the men in attendance began laughing hysterically and
clapping in delight at the joke.

Serena nodded graciously. 
“Enough” she said quietly, and the rapturous applause ceased.

“It’s the tubes from the testicles to the penis” she
explained.  “If you dose a man up with
the right combination of hormones, you can keep them permanently dilated.  The stuff just leaks out, without any
erection or muscular contraction at all. 
And it’s just a little pill. 
Serena’s special dilation hormone formula.  No more orgasms.”

“Just a sticky mess” Alice agreed, looking in some dismay at
the spreading stain on the carpet. Perhaps that could be removed when the blood
from the earlier accidental castration was cleaned up, she thought.  She liked to have things neat and tidy.

“Horrible” Serena agreed. 
“But fortunately, Serena Enterprises has the solution.”

She reached for a plastic pack beside her.  “Sanitary towels for men!” she announced
triumphantly.  “A bit like the
traditional ladies’ ones, but more of a triangular shape, and curved. Oh – and
about five times the price.”

“Is that because they’re so much harder to manufacture?”
Alice enquired.

“No – just because I have the patent and no one else can
make them” Serena grinned.  “I have half
of a giant factory complex just outside Birmingham retooling to turn these out
by the million.”

“And the other half is making…?” Alice prompted, suspecting
she already knew the answer.

“Serena’s special dilation hormone formula, to pump into the
water supply.” her friend replied, happily. 
“If I can’t have an entirely captive market, I can at least have a
desperate one.”

Alice was again struck not only by her friend’s scientific
brilliance, but her commercial acumen too. 
‘Why couldn’t David think of ideas like that?’, she thought with
irritation, and resolved to whip him a lot harder in future.
Part 2 next week. (here!)


Feral males can be such a nuisance, especially in urban areas, don’t you think?  These ladies could sort all that out.

Femdom military discipline no less
The ladies in the picture do actually seem to be carrying canes.  Isn’t that great?  swords.  Not canes, swords.  Oh well..maybe a quick 20 with the flat… hmmm?

This is the Chilean army according to the divine Ms Ayesha, so there we are.  Chile.  Long and thin.  Very much so.  I’ll admit I don’t know much else about Chile… but I know what I like.

A bleak lonely and miserable caption about kinky sex
If he only realised it, the triple whipping he gets occasionally is for his wedding anniversary.  But men – they always forget, don’t they?

Lobotomised for love of a woman
I think it’s a bit cruel. It’s not as if most men have that many brain cells to begin with.

Dominatrices keep you guessing
Of course, she doesn’t use spurs and riding whip.  Not on a pony.

Chastity cuckold honeymoon stuff
Easy for her to say.  She didn’t have to spend the night sleeping in the hotel corridor.

Even naughtier words

So, a while ago, I published a post drawing attention to – oh hang on, you want a sexy picture don’t you?

Got one right here…hold on a moment…don’t go off to tumblr yet, ah – here we go!

Ouch.  Anyway, I was just saying that occasionally I like to draw attention to the fact that this blog doesn’t just publish pictures but words too.  It’s quite a while since I wrote many stories, but in the early days on Contemplating the Divine (it was originally all in ASCII format incidentally; quite a challenge) there were lots.  And newer readers of the blog might not realise that.

Of course, they’re easy enough to find using the ‘fiction’ tag in the cloud to the right there, just below the lovely lady with the whip, but I like to be helpful (my name is a clue, there) so here are some links to some more of those early tales.

If at first you don’t succeed.  A rather typical “Mistress Valerie and Sandra” story, based on two ladies I used to know (who had different names).  Light-hearted, depending for humour and erotic effect on the contrast between the casual nature with which the ladies treat matters that are, for the submissive, of painful urgency.  As indeed do most of my captions, actually.  Anyway, here’s another, about Daylight saving time.

Serena stories, like this one called Crossed Wires, on the other hand, while also intended to be humorous, are rather heavier.  Mistress ‘Valerie’ mistreats her slaves without really noticing.  Serena enjoys their agony. She is also surgically trained; quite a good combination.  I have just written a new Serena story… 6500 words, so coming in spurts, as it were, fairly soon.

I think this one was intended as a Serena story, but she ended up being called Sabrina.  Possibly just an idiotic mistake on my part.  Wouldn’t be the first.

In the morning is just a silly little tale, turning on the difference between the sweeping romantic love with which we sub-males invest our relationships and perhaps a more practical, matter-of-fact approach from our (in this case loving) superiors.

This one is a sort-of school story, but like many of my captions, it’s intended to lift the curtain a little on professional domme relationships.  It’s heavily inspired by a story called Dame School in the wonderful collection by Louise Malatesta: The Queen of the Grove.  If you take your kink very seriously, you won’t like this sort of thing.  But for me, it actually adds to the humiliation that the school scene is not real.  As I explain to pro-dommes gracious (and unlucky) enough to receive me – I don’t want them actually to pretend that I’m a naughty boy.  I’m a middle-aged pervert being treated like a naughty boy… and they are very welcome to express their contempt and amusement at that.

This one, about a femdom programme taking control of the computer, actually seems to get a lot of hits. Maybe it’s the title?  People search for femdom story, and get this?  Good. 

I do quite a lot of this sort of thing – little pastiches of fairy tales and so on.  A bit like captions really.

Finally, I’d completely forgotten it but I wrote a huge, three part tale early on in this blog’s history, about a guy who is living a very heavy femdom relationship, but doesn’t realise it (oh, you’ll just have to read it to see what I mean).  Bizarrely, I remember thinking at the time, this was a nice little idea that could be dealt with in a paragraph or two.    A Normal Marriage Part 1, followed by Part 2, and then concluded with the excitingly-named Part 3.

Right.  If you’ve read down this far, I reckon you deserve another picture of a lovely, don’t you?

Restraining orders

Yes please.  Those.

These too:

Bikini briefs and pet play
The leash is invisible, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one there.

Money domme makes good
Rather a thoughtless gift, as she can’t drive, don’t you think?  I expect he’ll be punished for that.  When she can be bothered.

Pain inflicted lovingly and steadily
Pain-killers don’t work, anyway. I was taking some, for a minor condition, but when I went to visit my Significant Other the nipple clamps still hurt like hell.  I’m thinking of complaining to the Adertising Standards Authority.

I cant remmebre what this femdom caption was about
Yes, being caged up for that long is pretty scary.  But not as scary as Lucy.

Hathaway with my heart
That would be really helpful, actually.  I find that almost every day, there are some moments when I catch myself not thinking about Anne.  Of course, it doesn’t happen often, but it’s still a bit worrying.
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