I suppose it’s polite to ask, but really she should just make herself at home.


He looks pretty trustworthy to me.  You’ll be fine.  Just think about something else for 20 minutes.



No, she’s not particular.  Well…she is, obviously.  Just not about that sort of thing.


See?  There’s always a solution if you just talk it out.  It’s like the time I finally told my SO I was finding our ‘lifestyle’ a bit difficult and in just a few minutes ‘talking it through’ we hit on the solution of shutting the fuck up and never complaining to her again.  So simple, in retrospect and it’s avoided so many problems since.



She’s definitely going to go down there and check he’s OK, though.  There’s just something she needs to do first, that’s all.



When the weather stops being fine (16)

Ah… last of the holiday snaps.  Barring some tragic accident like a plane crash or a shark attack or putting too much milk in her coffee just one time too many, I should be back in the saddle and being spurred to resume what is laughably called ‘real’ life.  Might take a while to respond to comments, might be near instantaneous.  Or maybe there haven’t been any comments.  Who knows?  I certainly don’t.  It’s still 1st of August here.

Anyway, extra-super-bonus bumper post today.  Don’t get used to it – back to ‘normal’ from now.









When the weather’s fine (14)

Quick recap, Servitor still on holiday, back in a few days’ time unless y’know, I’m dead or something.  Who knows?  It’s still, three weeks ago, for me.  The zombie apocalypse might have happened.

 So, yeah, more contextless, replyless and more than usually witless captions.  Gotta keep civilisation going, even in these post-apocalyptic times.





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