I suppose it’s polite to ask, but really she should just make herself at home.


He looks pretty trustworthy to me.  You’ll be fine.  Just think about something else for 20 minutes.



No, she’s not particular.  Well…she is, obviously.  Just not about that sort of thing.


See?  There’s always a solution if you just talk it out.  It’s like the time I finally told my SO I was finding our ‘lifestyle’ a bit difficult and in just a few minutes ‘talking it through’ we hit on the solution of shutting the fuck up and never complaining to her again.  So simple, in retrospect and it’s avoided so many problems since.



She’s definitely going to go down there and check he’s OK, though.  There’s just something she needs to do first, that’s all.



0 thoughts on “Severely”

  1. And lovely lips too. So distracting. I'll go in a minute – or two.

    The rest of us just have to wonder what her criteria will be when/if she gets down there when deciding if he is OK. Perhaps she will think about taking off the weights – but on the other hand she probably is thinking more about those tantalising eyes and those lips and . . .

  2. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Thanks for your dry humor and sometimes sardonic humor.

  3. Any of these lovely ladies in particularly? Or all of them, severally and jointly?

    Thank you for your comment, in any event.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you Melissa. I'm glad to be back. Not least because there were wildfires near where my SO had rented a villa, and I had a fewe nervous nights chained up to my post in the woods. However, the ladies were kind enough to hose me down with ice cold water regularly and even Raoul contributed a few drops of liquid most nights too, so all was well I'm glad to say.

    Best wishes


  5. She's actually a very caring person. Unfortunately for him, Treasure is quite high maintenance and needs all the care to bve directed at her. But I'm sure she'll go and check on him sooner or later – she can't the whole night just kissing and cuddling Treasure, now, can she?

    Best wishes


  6. Thank you. I do try not to be sardonic, prefering an open-eyed naivety, but as my SO likes to tell me before announcing rhe number of strokes, or the voltage or whatever it might be: expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed. She's always right, of course.

    Best wishes


  7. I don’t think your humor is sardonic. It just make fun around the fact that we girls do indeed rule over you men. Enjoy the fantasy fun.

  8. Your humour is great. We men are pussy-whipped, and most of us know it. Good to laugh at it.

  9. Humor yes, but also your imaginative fantasies help us surrender to the vagina, to the divine feminine. Thank you

  10. Humour can be over-rated, though. They say that the best way to start talking to a girl is to make her laugh, but every time I've attempted any kind of pick-up conversation the woman in question would just start laughing hysterically but it didn't seem to do me any good.

    Anyway, all water under the bridge now, as I'm spoken for and my SO has never found my jokes funny, although she can find me amusing under certain restrictive conditions.

    Best wishes


  11. That game where the two guys in 69 don’t have to do oral, but loosing means severe punishment, is stunning! How complex. Did you come up with that, or see in mentioned somewhere in your past? Wow.

    I love the longer chain discussion.. but mostly because of the concept that there are places in house that hubby still can’t go! 😉 I certainly wouldn’t trust him near her lingerie and this, and that’s just a start.

    If you don’t mind, would like to hear a bit more about how Raoul did some “watering” during your trip.

    Have a great one.. and thanks for all the posts!SaraE

  12. Ah, to be honest (as I always am), my memory of almost all of the things you ask about is a little hazy, SaraE. It's odd, I can often recall days in the finest detail: every stroke, every electric shock as vivid today as when it was inflicted but so many other things are lost in the mists of time. I remember someone telling me once that it's not actually gay if you don't swallow, so that might be related.

    I'll try to post more about Raoul, though. He actually thinks the blog is all about him, self-centred old bear that he is, so I do need a few more updates on his prowess.

    Best wishes


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