споглядаючи божественне

Yes, in what must be an enormous relief to the defenders of Kyiv, this blog has taken the momentous step of declaring its support for the brave girls… OK and the boys as well, bless them… defending their country.  Possibly a pointless and performative gesture you might say (and you’d be right) or possibly just not what you came here to read, as you sit there, trousers down around your ankles (and you’d probably be right again but there’s no point your taking to the comments to tell me to stay out of politics, as I’m wilful and stubborn).




Ukraine is of course the country that elected this leader, whom apparently the Russians didn’t like at all.  Which is (yet) another thing to like about her.



Also, the following images claim to be of Ukrainian fighters and soldiers and it says so on the Internet, so I’m sure it must be true.




OK, I think I’d be prepared to admit I don’t necessarily believe this one
is an actual servicewoman, but the blog wasn’t created to be
particularly realistic.


I am generally avoiding pictures of the genuine lady soldiers (such as the Ukrainian parliamentarian) who have taken up arms in recent days, as it’s not actually a matter for a lighthearted porno blog (few war-related things are) but this lady, a former Miss Ukraine, seems to have her picture all over the place, so here she is here:




Aaaand finally, there are Ukrainian pro-dommes – well of course there are.  And while good BDSM safety awareness means I can’t really recommend attempting to visit those that are in Kyiv just now (unless you like your play very hard-core), they do at least provide a sense of what the country has that is so very worth defending.  Let’s hope they are all safe.

Mistress Anna (… possibly, if you believe in these kind of generic escort sites, I guess):


Mistress Goldy:


Helene Nuar:


Слава Україні!




We shall not see their like again

really a femdom post.  But farewell, to the late and great Paul
Darrow.  Jacqueline Pearce passed last year.  Thanks for the ’80s, both of you.

Not really a femdom image, I’ll admit.

Oh, but this so is.

Now isn’t that a sweet gesture? I actually had the honour once of meeting and playing with Mistress Servalan in Sydney and very lovely and creative she is.
Not quite sure what’s going on here, but given the theme of this blog, we’ll assume Servalan’s winning.
That’s more like it.  Definitely a punishment sesssion

…and some post-session aftercare too.

A song for Paltego

Paltego’s great ‘Femdom Resource’ blog has reached 2000 posts.  Actually, it has reached 2002 but it has really taken against me or my browser and it’s not letting me post comments or at least not comments with links in them.

So let me use this blog, which fortunately does still let me post, to wish Paltego a very happy two-thousandth, on behalf of all of us!  Let’s celebrate with Mistress Chrissie.

Two thousand more, please.

Thank you Paltego. 
You are the centre of the femdom internet.  Without you, we’d fall apart.

Female submission month

You know, although it has been going for over five years, there’s one topic in the big toybox that is BDSM that this blog has never covered: female submission.  I think it’s time Contemplating the Divine bit the ball-gag, so to speak, and sought to depict this excitingly weird practice, in several posts over this month.   

I have found some images of female submission and tried my hand at a few captions. Obviously, it’s not really my thing so these might be a bit hit-and-miss at first, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

I hope that my core readership with femdom interests won’t abandon the blog completely during this time.  It’s just a matter of numbers, really: I have noticed that sites featuring female submission seem to be much more common, so I think there must be many more readers for this sort of material.  But we’ll just try it out during April and see.  Around the end of the month, I’ll have a look at the readership figures and take a view on whether to continue.  If there’s a big increase in traffic, I might turn the blog into one focusing on female submission, perhaps with an emphasis on school scenes and suchlike. But more likely, the future of the blog is as a mix of male and female sub imagery.

So here are some sexy servitor-captioned images of females on the submissive side of BDSM play.  Yay!

Trigger warning: contains images of ladies being treated with less than their due respect.  Male submissives should not look at these pictures.  I certainly didn’t when I posted them, so I warn you now that some might be upside down.

Well, that’s that. April fool obviously, but you knew that, right?  Course you did.

Except for the lovely picture of Madame Sarka being her lovely self, I found that a sickening display of perversion.  I hope all you dominant males feel suitably disgusted with yourselves and turn to something more wholesome and natural, like sissy maid laundry service, pegging or penis sounding.  You’ll feel so much better about yourselves, believe me.

Back to normal next time, if I can get these atrocious images out of my head enough to continue this blog.

Off-topic, for the first time ever

To an Anonymous commenter

There was a comment left on here a couple of days ago that I
deleted.  If that was yours, I want to
explain that I did not delete it because of the point you made – which I
actually think was a reasonable one deserving an answer – but because of the
unpleasant and hostile way in which you phrased it.

You suggested that I am putting the name of this blog on
every picture I find on the web.  I
actually don’t think of that as what I’m doing when I put
contemplatingthedivine.com on them.  I’m
putting that mark on captioned pictures, captioned by me.  When I do occasionally put up a picture
without any caption, I don’t put the mark on it.

You see, this is not a photo-sharing blog.  Originally, I started it to publish my
stories.  I still write stories – there
are a few coming up soon, actually.  I
soon started adding captioned images, which I think of as very very short
stories, in effect (and as a matter of fact, recently I’ve been trying out a
sort of
hybrid – which could equally be called very long captions, or very
short stories themed around a single picture). 
These are all things that I created.

There are a lot of them. I have just collected all the stories published here into pdf files, because I thought they might work well as books*, and they total over a hundred pages.  And there are about a thousand captioned images so far.

A few months after I started, I saw a few of these captioned
images appearing elsewhere – which is absolutely fine with me.  Sometimes they were attributed (most recently Pipinkos,
for example, started reposting some that he had brilliantly translated into Spanish, and
I’d like to thank him again for that). 
But some were not attributed and while I don’t at all blame the
reposters, it did annoy me a bit, especially when they attracted favourable
comments from people assuming the reposter wrote them.

I do try quite hard to match up pictures and
words.  I do think about and occasionally agonise over the words.  I don’t just put up every sexy picture I
find, with whatever threatening phrase comes to mind scrawled across it. 
I’m not suggesting for a second that this is a particularly worthy, or
artistic activity but it is creative in its way, I am rather proud when I come up with a
good one (as I
think I do from time to time), and I like to be recognised for
that.  Hence the mark.  I am not marking the pictures; my intention
is to mark the caption.

There is also a practical reason.  I can see from site stats that I get traffic
when one of my captioned pictures is posted elsewhere without attribution,
presumably because someone typed in the name. 
I like to have more traffic here (for purely psychological reasons,
obviously there’s no money involved) and if it helps someone find the blog and
they enjoy it, that’s good too.

I do realise there are some people who don’t much care for the
captions and treat this site as a photo-sharing blog.  Again, that’s absolutely fine with me, and I
hope you enjoy it.  But I don’t see how
someone just looking for photos can complain about the unobtrusive
contemplatingthedivine mark (I never put it where it will obscure the image; if I can I put it on the frame).  If you just
want the photo and the caption is worthless to you, then I’ve already defaced
the photo by writing the caption, right? 
And if the caption isn’t worthless to you – well, then it’s not
unreasonable for me to add the mark, right? 
Either way, I can’t see that you could object to the mark.
Of course, I would always take down any image to which someone asserted rights, without question.

So….that’s how I would answer your sneering
question, Anonymous.  I really don’t understand
why, in your first ever communication with me, you couldn’t have made your
point a bit more politely, but it was a fair point nonetheless.  It’s an answer that makes sense to me. 

(The rest of the post is addressed to my regular readers, rather than the uncivilised Mr A.)

…and yet, and yet…thinking about this, it does all make me a
bit uneasy.  In retrospect I think
perhaps I have been too blasé about attribution.  If I got a bit grumpy when I saw my
unattributed work on another site, how would a photographer feel about seeing
their own work, captioned by me, and unattributed here?  Worse, if a pro-domme has gone to the trouble
of dressing up and posing or acting out a photoshoot, she’s done it in part
because she hopes for more traffic to her site or for new clients.  Not very fair of me to use her lovely image, without even trying to identify her.

I do therefore intend to make more of an effort to attribute
the images.  It’s not very practical to
do much very quickly.  For one thing, I
have a huge stock of downloaded photos and I don’t know the attribution (obviously I can recognise some).  I also have a large backlog of captioned
photos – more than 300, all waiting to be posted…and I’ve even got blog posts
queued up to mid-May through the magic of ‘schedule’ (what, you thought it was spontaneous?).  So this will be a gradual change. 

Also, in most cases I cannot attribute them because the
places are find them are not the original creators.  Most are from Tumblr, for example, and
although Tumblr has a neat system for attributing back, even the ‘original’
poster will rarely be the originator of the image, they’ll only be the first
person to upload it to Tumblr.  OWK
doesn’t have a Tumblr, after all.

But…butbutbut.  I will do my best.  As I
create new captions, and download new photos, and put up new blog posts, I will
attribute images if I can, and in particular if I can identify individual
dommes I will do so. Famous actresses can probably look after themselves.

* (I’d like to find a way of getting them out there for download – Blogger doesn’t accept PDF, any suggestions? Needs to be free, of course – I won’t charge anything as all the stories are here on the blog anyway, but I don’t particularly want to pay to hand out free stories!)
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