A song for Paltego

Paltego’s great ‘Femdom Resource’ blog has reached 2000 posts.  Actually, it has reached 2002 but it has really taken against me or my browser and it’s not letting me post comments or at least not comments with links in them.

So let me use this blog, which fortunately does still let me post, to wish Paltego a very happy two-thousandth, on behalf of all of us!  Let’s celebrate with Mistress Chrissie.

Two thousand more, please.

Thank you Paltego. 
You are the centre of the femdom internet.  Without you, we’d fall apart.

0 thoughts on “A song for Paltego”

  1. Thanks Servitor! Sorry my comment system is misbehaving. It seems to weirdly freak out sometimes and then be fine at others. Very frustrating. Anyway, thanks again for the post, the congratulations and the beautiful song link. Very much appreciate it! Not sure I can guarantee 2000 more, but I'll try my best.


  2. Paltego beat me to it, but his comments moderation is definitely weird. There's no small irony in the fact that his comment system for Eris-only-knows reason, seems to kick out comments which themselves have any mention of femdom, domination, kink, bdsm, etc.

  3. Oh, I think that sounds perfectly sensible, actually. Don't want perverts bringing that sort of smutty stuff onto the Internet, do we?

  4. Another 2000 might sound daunting. But you know what they say: a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single thwack and a merry "giddy-up!"

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