Cause you’re my lady, I’m your fool

… so beat me up before you go go

I occasionally have difficulty getting through passport control, admittedly.  But I always have a permit to travel signed by a responsible female, so it’s OK.
 The lovely Goddess Lexi on the right there.  And… another lovely goddess on the left  I’m sure one of you will tell me who that is, won’t you?

She’s so professional, it hurts. It hurts a lot.

Because reasons?  No? OK – I’ll get back to work.

And this goddess is Mistress Arella.  I knew that without even looking at the label, there.  Czech, you know. I wonder if it’s something in that country’s history…. invaded by Germans, Russians… and I’ve heard the frost is cru-el.

She must have another cummyshoe for goodness sake.  They sell them in pairs.  Why does it always have to be this one?

I personally think that a boy can do almost any job a woman can do. Just not as well and only under strict female supervision.

0 thoughts on “Cause you’re my lady, I’m your fool”

  1. And of course its not obligatory to come to the evening social soirees at the bosses house where you might be sometimes encouraged to get there a lot earlier or to stay on a lot later than the fully entitled citizens and colleagues. Femsup

  2. Goodness, Femsup, are you having a marathon session of contemplating the divine? Hmm… looks to me as if somebody has not been keeping up with the reading and is now trying to do all of his homework in a last-minute rush. I might have to tell Miss…

    But your comments are always very welcome, of course!

  3. You are right. I hang my head in shame. The fact that I had no access to a computer also mitigated against things. And those evening dos are so tiring when you have shoes to clean at the office the next day. Femsup

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