Reigning in my heart

It’s best if she doesn’t do any rowing, as she wouldn’t want to work up a sweat and ruin the shoot… anyway, that’s what she brought you for. Don’t worry, she’ll probably do some paddling later, when the two of you are back at the hotel.
So much better to come to a negotiated settlement like this than have an unpleasant fight in court. More fun for her, too.
Not a good morning for her, not going to be a good evening for you. Consequences, remember?
She’s multi-tasking: doing stuff and ignoring you.
If you want to dispute the analogy, I’m sure she’d be only too happy to force your feet into a nice pair of 5-inch heels for the last two flights.
I think Ryan would definitely say it’s up to her.

Graceless, Feckless, Aimless and Pointless

… that’s me.  But also characters in a novel by the divine Stella Gibbons which contains little if any femdom, I’ll admit, although Kate Beckinsale takes a rather firm hand with people in an entirely non-kinky way in the movie.

Now: something nasty from the woodshed.

She’s actually strictly vanilla. Very strictly.

I feel you ought to say something about this.

Oh, I hate mandatory penile minimum rules, don’t you?  It started out just with the nightclubs, and I can understand that, but I took my suit to the dry cleaners the other day, they insisted on a measurement and they wouldn’t take my suit unless I scrubbed and ironed for four hours, just for being four inches below the required minimum length!  It doesn’t seem fair.

Don’t make Mommy use her cattleprod, now!

There are no ‘problems’, only solutions.

Sexual veneration

I have quite a few tattoos – my SO says it gives her a feeling of ownership. Mostly shopping lists or phone numbers.

Still, she’s wearing a proper medical outfit, so you know you’re safe in professional hands.

Poor Andy.  Bet he felt humiliated!
I’m quite good at scrabble.  I’m rubbish at blow jobs, though… everyone says so.

Looks like someone has forgotten the virtues of kindness!  Honestly, saying such hurtful about Felicity; it’s hardly in the spirit of charity and forgiveness that the Order prescribes, is it? 

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

Happy relationships are all about boundaries.  Many newly-married men get a bit silly about not being able to lead the batchelor life any more, but are you really any ‘less free’ just because from now on you can’t do or say anything your wife disapproves of?  It’s just a different way of life, that’s all.

Rubbing up against a tree?  Sounds a bit kinky.

She seems nice.

Yes, let’s.

What a lovely film that was.  Especially the bath scene…

The power and the glory

Goodness. I hope I don’t have to say too many Hail Marys.

There’s an interesting philosophical point there, actually.  Can one ‘show’ nothing?  Or is ‘nothing’ merely the absence of showing? Taking the thought experiment further, can one be ‘nothing’?  My SO says one can, and one is, so that point is fairly settled.
Icelandic femdom is complicated.  But worth it for those interested in play that involves being subjected to extremes of hot and cold, as well as eating raw fish.
Lots of men get quite nervous before their first time with her.  And full-on hysterically terified before all subsequent sessions.

Finishing with a religious theme too. The movie Valentines Day is highly recommended. Taylor, Anne… Mostly vanilla, obviously, but there is even a very brief femdomination scene, with Anne being a phone sex Russian domme with a rubber band.

Before you start, you’re already beat

Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhh.

Hmm.  You could try asking her where she saw it last?

Never presume.

The performance reviews are considerably more stringent, for a start.

She’s good on indifference curves too.

Just for grumpy old Mr Anonymous who commented on the last post.

Just thought I’d share a link to ‘Hbear’ AKA Drunksimian, a femdom artist whom I’ve only just discovered – amazingly enough, as I love femdom art (if I could draw I would not caption photos!) and I’m always looking for it.  I think these are great – they’re mostly along rather heavy ‘prison guard in leather themes’, a bit like early Sardax or Nanshakh.  Worth checking out if you’re into that


Men and their gadgets.  You can give him just as unpleasant a night with some good old-fashioned rope, a cold dripping shower and some nipple clamps.  Why does everything have to be so hi tech?

Regular readers will have gathered by now that this is a very, very hard limit for me.  I’m careful never to tell my SO, though, so it’s just a secret between you, dear Internet, and me.

Sounds like their sex life is about to improve.  Well, hers is.  His doesn’t sound like it’s worth keeping, really.

That is a lot simpler. Like her approach to marital arguments: also very simple indeed.

I am actually very sensitive to gender issues in the workplace.  Painfully sensitive, even.  When women are treated disrespectfully I feel physically bruised: sometimes immediately, sometimes a while later.

All that she wants

… she gets.

Best not to argue.  You don’t want to end up with your allowance stopped again.

You would.  Well, you can’t shoot a smoking scene with unlit cigarettes.  Looks like they’re going to have to revert to plan B: ball-busting.

And we all know how slowly that can be.

She’s going to get their top saleswoman award this month. Quite remarkable, with only one client.

Anyway, she’s got a bunch of medical gear, so if it goes wrong she’s well-prepared.

Commanding respect

Or the one before that.


I like to leave these details to my wife too.  She’s better at that sort of thing.


Return of an old friend.


On the plus side, they do get  lots of great shots of dommes looking really pissed-off.  On the minus, a lot of expensive cameras have been smashed.  Oh – and the photographer’s been hospitalised once or twice too.


Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, huh?


Probably best.  A little crying and pleading is OK, but after an hour or more it can start to get quite irritating. I’m sure you’d want to spare her that.


The trick is to turn the slave all the way upside down.  But I expect she’ll work it out eventually.  Some dommes use scissors, but that’s cheating really.


No fool like an old, emasculated fool, eh?


I’m not so sure he was all that gentle… but I guess we can agree to differ.
It’s going to be his special night, too.

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