Before you start, you’re already beat

Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhh.

Hmm.  You could try asking her where she saw it last?

Never presume.

The performance reviews are considerably more stringent, for a start.

She’s good on indifference curves too.

Just for grumpy old Mr Anonymous who commented on the last post.

Just thought I’d share a link to ‘Hbear’ AKA Drunksimian, a femdom artist whom I’ve only just discovered – amazingly enough, as I love femdom art (if I could draw I would not caption photos!) and I’m always looking for it.  I think these are great – they’re mostly along rather heavy ‘prison guard in leather themes’, a bit like early Sardax or Nanshakh.  Worth checking out if you’re into that

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  1. Ann Hathaway is very nice! But Woman in White of this post is also dream. Dream of her husband and readers of your blog, Servitor!

  2. Please the next time make anne hathaway's small penis humiliation captions!!

  3. Drunksimian reminds me so much of that lad that draws Chinese lasses and who accompanied many a Freddies Tales saga.Also the lad that draws lasses with very high chunky shoes and boots. Brilliant idea again with the school or college theme. Wow they are keen as its 8.25.Whether that's AM or PM they want to teach and learn keenly. Femsup

  4. The firing squad ones of Drunksimian are great. He obviously trawls through the searches for Women in military uniforms as I do. I have seen these very self same pics but without his added footwear and "victim". Femsup

  5. Well, all right, I suppose I could try… Honestly, all these demands for this and that – what do you think I am, a sl- Oh, hang on.

  6. And you're obviously examining these photos waaaay too closely Femsup!

    Nimrod is the drawer of Chinese lasses you're thinking of. And possibly Nanshakh for the second one? As I suspect you knew very well…

  7. Yes, I was less keen on the photomanips, actually. I preferred the drawings. But not only are his drawings inventive, over that entire gallery (yes I went through the whole thing) his technique improves immensely, so he'll be drawing like Sardax before too long.

  8. Hello, I don't know any other way to contact you so I am commenting on this blog post. I just found a couple of things I thought you might like:

    Of note in the second one:

    "Even though there was no apparent need to continue hiding Sanhuber in the attic, after a decade the lovers’ relationship had shifted into one based on dominance and submission. Years later Sanhuber would tell a jury that he was Dolly’s “sex slave,” imprisoned by his love for her."

  9. Thank you Anonymous. That's actually the best way of contacting me, as I'm rather anonymous too.

    The role reversal ads are wonderful, but I'll confess I had seen them before – they have been all over the femdom internet in the last few weeks. The Buzzfeed story was new to me, though, and sounds rather like a real-life version of this classic Monty Pythin sketch:

    Thanks for commenting!


  10. And there was one in the late 70's early eightees where a rape was committed close to a home and a Wife imprisoned her man under the floorboards for more than a 2 years because he and She was worried he would be a suspect. Femsup

  11. Ah the concept of cash in hand cums to the fore at moments like that. Yes the state Masturbatrixs will have to drop down from the 1.2 wanks per months they were giving out. Those .2 of a wank were the most frustrating. Femsup

  12. There aren't enough wives who would look out for their husband's interests so assiduously. No way he's going to prison when he's locked under the floorboards, is he? She's smart.

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