Sexual oppression

When you wake up things will be very different.  Well… it’s not so much ‘things’ that will be different, it’s you.

Marcus sounds a bit confused.  Probably not fair to judge him too harshly.


Why would anyone be afraid of crying in public?  There are lots of things to be afraid of in relationships – lots and lots and lots, I discover more every week – but not that.




I sometimes think long pleated skirts were specifically invented to provide a pretext for punishing sissy maids on ironing duty. I looked it up and it turns out, they were.  Funny old world.



If Slavr tasks are beginning to take up too much of your day, you can try registering your credit card on it, then your users will often prefer you not to turn up at all.


You know, I’ve often been struck

She’s actually communicating her feelings on several different levels here.  It’s a Mars/Venus thing – you don’t have to understand but you could at least try to feel her pain.

If you argue it might go on longer – and wouldn’t that be just awful?

Some of us are already having the cry, thanks.  Although oddly it’s the cuddle that usually brings them on in floods.

What to do, what to do… You might want to try playing safe. They won’t let you (and anyway, you’re not safe), but I expect you’ll want to try.

She’s being rather unfair here.  She often is: if you want my honest opinion, she’s a vicious and vindictive person with serious anger management issues.  Always was.  Anyway – congratulations on your special day!  I’m sure you’ll be very.. well, maybe you’ll both be…  anyway, congratulations, yeah?  You’re a lucky guy.  We all think so.

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