Sexual oppression

When you wake up things will be very different.  Well… it’s not so much ‘things’ that will be different, it’s you.

Marcus sounds a bit confused.  Probably not fair to judge him too harshly.


Why would anyone be afraid of crying in public?  There are lots of things to be afraid of in relationships – lots and lots and lots, I discover more every week – but not that.




I sometimes think long pleated skirts were specifically invented to provide a pretext for punishing sissy maids on ironing duty. I looked it up and it turns out, they were.  Funny old world.



If Slavr tasks are beginning to take up too much of your day, you can try registering your credit card on it, then your users will often prefer you not to turn up at all.


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  1. (Thinking) Yes Marcus, I burned your T-shirt on purpose because you are fucking my wife and you don't deserve her. She is so achingly beautiful and I love her so much.
    Marcus I'm really sorry, there is a little bit of a scorch mark on your T-shirt. I think I must have lost concentration when you left the bedroom door open and I could hear . . . .
    Marcus, Sir, – Owww, Oww – its only a small mark – Ouch – hardly notices – Aargh – yes I will buy you a new one.

  2. Cognitive dissonance – when your inner thoughts don't accord with how you present yourself externally – is psychologically quite damaging, Melissa, so I suggest you avoid it. It can be physically damaging as well, if you're in a relationship in which there are consequences for uppity subs who tell lies, as so many of us are.

    I myself often experience an almost overpowering sense of self-loathing, but this actually fits very well with how everyone else sees me, so that's OK.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


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