Under control

You’re lucky she’s so tolerant of your failings.  Imagine life if she wasn’t…




It’s one of those marriages where they don’t need to keep reaffirming their commitment, but just show it every day in the way they behave towards one another.


Thank goodness for that.  He was considering whether he might have to ask at work for some proportion of his salary to be paid to him directly, instead of into his wife’s account, just for that month, but he was dreading that because it would seem so weird.



Good to know who’s in charge.  Don’t worry: your wife has agreed some hard limits and anyway, she has a safeword.




Sounds like a great set-up for a CFNCSMM scene: that’s ‘Clothed Female, Naked, Cold, Shivering and Miserable Male’.  Sadly, neither of them are into that. Not sexually, anyway.

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  1. Hmm . . . given the post title, I expected more along the lines of chastity, boss-wife conspiracies, that kind of thing.

  2. Ah, yes the post titles rarely have anything much to do with the specific content on that day, I am afraid. In which case, you might ask "Well, why in Goddess's name do you have titles then, Servitor you embarrassingly incompetent fool?". And you'd be right to ask.

    Those themes do feature, from time to time. Although boss-wife conspiracy is rarer…maybe I should do something about that. I tend not to think of 'boss' and 'wife' as being very different concepts, though.

    Best wishes


  3. When Max and I were first married we lived in a small apartment with just four bedrooms with ensuites, two reception rooms, a study, a TV room and a large balcony, plus a family type bathroom. It was in a converted tobacco factory near the river. Max soon learned to clean the apartment and to cook, to wash and iron clothes and to be generally a good househusband. His small salary was paid into a joint account to which he had no access, except for a Debit Card with a cash limit which he used for food shopping and for petrol for my car.

    We were blissfully happy as he knew his place and I controlled him and every aspect of our lives together. When I was qualified as a Contract Solicitor things became more strict as I took on more and more responsibilities at work. Max has always been a good boy but there were some attitudes and behavior's he developed which needed my swift correction. For example, he would kiss my hot, smelly feet without permission, when I got home from commuting to the City. He had to learn that whilst I enjoyed his adoration of my feet, he didn't have a right to kiss them without permission.

    He was caned on several occasions for his lack of speed when answering the buzzer, which summoned him to my divine presence. The buzzer could be heard wherever he was and he had to learn to come quickly when I call for him.

    A four bedroom apartment in an expensive part of town may seem a large place for newly weds, I was used to opulence and luxury at home with my Mom. At home we had an eight bedroom house with a separate slave room above the triple garage. That is where my daddy lived.

    We stayed in the apartment for the first five years of our marriage and then moved into our present house.

    ''Max honey, do you remember our first apartment?''

    ''Oh yes Goddess, it was a lovely home you made for us.''

    ''Do you remember how I trained you to please me, and to work hard for us?''

    ''Yes, Goddess. It was very good training. I learnt to cook and clean and wash and iron and food shop and to adore and worship you.''

    ''Do you remember when I brought my lover home and you had to kiss his feet and serve him too. How we laughed, when you protested about him.''

    ''Yes Goddess, I remember.''


  4. On the second one, I picture her asking Karen about it later. "Yeah, when they learned I was married they actually got jealous, like they thought I might actually care about him, isn't that funny? But as soon as they saw him they realized they had nothing to worry about."

  5. I hope your present house is large and grand with many staircases for Maxie to scurry up or down, as he comes running to the sound of the buzzer, Ms Zoe.

    Best wishes


  6. Yeah, they'll talk it over later. I expect that, like most of Karen's lovers, she'll see the funny side. It's cruel to laugh over someone else's humiliation, but it's not like anyone cares.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


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