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Not a proper post, just a quickie to note that this blog was an early admirer of British politician Penny Mordaunt.  Not for her political views, to be honest I barely know what those are and I doubt I would actually find much to agree with if I did.  But more for her firm, no-nonsense style and the fact that… well, she looks like this:

I mean, goodness.  Don’t you think?  I do.  And since you ‘read’ this blog, I suspect you do too.

Oh, and the one other thing I knew about her is that she once made a speech in parliament purporting to be about poultry farming, which was actually an excuse to use the word ‘cock’ as often as possible in a formal legislative debate, as a result of a lost bet.  See – she’s not all stern strictness.

Anyway, yes, her job at the moment is the one announced in the photo below, and as you can see, she is firmly determined and ready to do… to do… well, whatever it is a Lord President of the Council actually does. No one really knows – it’s a British thing to have political jobs with weird titles, like Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Chief Whip or Black Rod. 

But one aspect of the job became clear yesterday.  She does this:

Penny Mordaunt MP is breakout star as her sword is 'Pippa Middleton's Bum  of Coronation' - Daily Star

To which all I can say is, if she ever runs out of umbrella-holders in this grey and damp little island of ours, I stand (or better, kneel) ready to serve.

Who is Penny Mordaunt? Leader of the House of Commons had a star turn at  King Charles's Coronation | Tatler

Oh, and while ‘researching’ this post, I discovered images of her like the below too.  No, not a photo-manipulation.  This is the actual member of Parliament for Portsmouth, taking part in an actual diving competition on TV.

She’s also a vice-admiral in the Navy, by the way.


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  1. If had to been religious.. Thanks Goddess he meaned of any ways of live. She was reading ,,The Best.

  2. It's certainly religious rather than political as far as I'm concerned Mr A. There are people in the UK today suggesting she should become Prime Minister because of this. As long as she delivers the smack of firm government, I'd be fine with that.

    Best wishes


  3. OK, slightly weird that I commented anonymously there. on my own blog. I mean, I do go in for self-loathing but hiding my identity from myself is hard-core even for me…

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