Securely married

Impressive she became so good at it, if she was a late developer.

She’s just trying to build trust.

Some restaurants just do that automatically, but I always think that doesn’t show enough respect for the owners.  The lady might not want her gimp to stop being thirsty just yet. Admittedly, she can always just keep the mouth zipped, but it’s the principle of it.

It can be difficult.  I often feel a bit let down when I’ve paid for a humiliation session and the domme doesn’t tell me anything I haven’t been told by almost every woman I’ve ever met.  It’s not the dommes’ fault, poor things, I know they do their best.



She can be forgetful. Like that time she spent almost ten minutes trying to change the TV channel with his electric shock control. Good thing he was gagged or he’d have screamed the place down, because she was trying for Channel 84 – it has this rather good flower arranging competition; like Bake Off but for flowers.  Sounds a bit dull but she likes it.  She was ever so cross when she realised what a silly thing she’d done that caused her to miss the first ten minutes.






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  1. I was having a coffee with my friend, Olivia. We all knew her as Liv at Uni where we both studied law. She is a Senior Partner in a big, International Law Firm. We chatted easily and were both relaxed in my designer kitchen overlooking a long garden with horses in the field behind, way in the distance.

    ''So, where is Max, honey?''

    ''Oh, he is food shopping. I gave him a list and he is on a mission.''

    ''Is he still a good boy? No little rebellions or naughtiness?''

    Liv always asked direct questions. She was interested in my Max, but I knew she wanted to hear about canings, or early bedtimes or other punishments for a wayward sissy slave. Max is such a good boy, so isn't caned that often, except for disciplinary punishments, rather than the result of him being naughty. I smiled at Liv, her husband is a big, black, macho alpha God of a man. A man who was used to being in control. The exact opposite of my dear Max.

    Our conversation went onto politics and, inevitably, Boris and his rascally antics. We talked about the Chinese situation and about Trump. Max came in all flustered and in a tizz.

    ''Whatever is the matter, sweetie? Did you get everything on the list?''

    ''Yes, ma'am. I just had a near bump in the car park. It was so close, goddess. Sorry Miss Olivia, how nice to see you ma'am. How are you?''

    ''I am fine, thanks Maxie.''

    ''Did someone tell you off, honey. Tell me what happened.''

    ''Well goddess, this lady got out of her car and told me I was a naughty sissy.''

    I decided to talk to him later when Liv had gone home. I told Max to put everything away and then start on his ironing and handwashing. He is so sweet when he is flustered, poor lamb.



    When dear Olivia stood to go home, Max brought her coat and I allowed him to worship her feet as she chatted to me. Max kissed her feet and sniffed and followed at heel as she went towards the hallway and then stood to open the door.

    ''It has been so nice to see you, darling Zoe. You always make me feel so welcome. Thanks Maxie, good boy. Bye. Speak soon. Bye.''

    When we were alone, I got Max to sit by my feet and tell me what happened today in the supermarket car park. It was unusual for him to be upset, so what happened?

    ''Well ma'am, I was loading the car next to the lady. When I finished I got into the car and started to back out of the space. As I backed I noticed she was doing the same. Our cars just lightly touched. The lady stopped her car, got out and came to my window.

    ''What the f**k do you think you are doing, sissy? Are you f**king stupid, or what?''

    I said I was so sorry, but it was just a slight touching, no damage had been done I am sure. She continued to berate me, so I got out to look at the damage, there was none.

    Ma'am she called me a stupid sissy bitch and I started to cry. She laughed and drove off.

    ''Ok, honey. Don't get upset. There is no harm done if you didn't scratch or dent her car. It doesn't matter what she called you, honey. She is a superior being so she can say what she wants. Was it being called a 'sissy' that upset you? It shouldn't because that is what you are.

    I sent Max off to finish his chores as I was satisfied nothing bad had happened. In essence a woman, and therefore a superior, had told my husband off for being an inconsiderate driver, which he was. He should have stopped when he saw her drive out of the space, and waited until the way was clear. He should not have continued, bad sissy!

    Sometimes Max gets himself into a situation and expects me to take his side. I do if I can, but when he is obviously in the wrong I tell him so. If a lady is involved in an incident I will naturally think she must be in the right. It is unusual for a female to be in the wrong when a sissy is in the picture.

    Poor Max, got upset which is unfortunate, but he was wrong too, so I had to discipline him. He got three extra of the cane for upsetting a female in a public place and three for criticizing her. I would have preferred her not to have used the 'F' word, but that is her choice.

    Max lives and learns, he will be more careful in the car park next time.


  3. Oh dear. I can only hope Maxie learnt from this encounter. I have to confess that I was a little surprised that a submissive male of his experience would leave a question like "Are you fucking stupid or what?" unanswered. As a male, he presumably is, after all. My own SO prefers me always to answer such questions – unless they were intended rhetorically, when she strongly prefers that I keep my f**king mouth shut. Telling the difference can be challenging, but then part of the joy of marriage is that it is a life long exercise in learning.

    Curiously enough, I have just this minute finished a courtroom story. Perhaps your lawyer friend will enjoy it. Publishing tomorrow.

    Best wishes


  4. Or indeed publishing today… due to my having a male moment with the blogger scheduling tool. And being f**king stupid, obviously.

  5. 1st caption: She learned a lot watching her female friends bully males when in school. She took notes, and perfected the art. Now she has her own little bitch, "securely married" after a bout of wedgies, spankings over her knee, forcing him to kiss her feet in public, and various other humiliating tasks. He gets a fear boner from just seeing her walk through the door. The sign a woman wants to see for a perfectly conditioned submissive.

  6. Just so, Squawneworder. Some of ther very best bullies are late developers. Indeed, my SO is proud of the fact that she is still finding new ways to make my life uncomfortable and humiliating, even after all this time. It's that kind of attitude that helps keep a marriage fresh, as well as helping keep the husband on his toes, knees or whatever other part of the body is best-suited to take his weight.

    Best wishes


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