Saviours of the Universe

 Flash!  AI-AAAH!

Sorry.  Science fiction post, anyway.

Who wants to live forever?  HAHAHAHAHA!  Diiiive!



Just one female supremacist from a parallel dimension against an entire male-run planet?  Her chances can’t be better than evens… 75% at best.



It is very beautiful in its own special way… her people write poetry about it.  Maybe she’ll
read you some while she’s working you over with her ovipositor.




Hmm?  No, no everything’s fine.  Just came into the wrong room, that’s all.  I suppose I might briefly have imagined seeing five figures changing into pretty young ladies from… from… something else, but obviously that didn’t really happen.  Just my imagination… how silly.  But how lovely you all look!  What beautiful dresses!  Now, if you’ll excuse me….



Yes, unfortunately maleness itself is incurable, even with their advanced technology, but most of the visible symptoms can be removed or suppressed.



The sun shines every day in this parallel world.  It’s a paradise – for full citizens, anyway.

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  1. Not as strange as the so-called 'real' world, Ms Zoe, in which most males are under almost no control and are even occasionally allowed to be in charge of things, despite all the accumulated evidence of what a bad idea that is.

    Fortunately, there are glimpses of sanity even in this mad world and youir lovely comments are among them.

    Best wishes


  2. It was our tenth wedding anniversary so I decided it would be fun to take Max, my sissy slave husband, for a meal at one of the new Gynarchy-style restaurants in town. We went with my sister, Rachel, and her alpha husband, Petro. Petro is a free man and not at all a sissy in any imaginable way. As a treat I told Max that he may speak freely, but the rules about politeness and not being silly still pertained. I wore my short black dress with some silver on my ears, my throat and wrists. Max wore a white shirt and grey shorts with long grey socks.

    The waiter brough some menus, but when he saw Max he asked me, ''Ma'am does your sissy get the regular menu?'' I told him he can have the 'sissy menu'.

    The 'sissy menu' is more like a child's menu with nursery type food, turkey swizzlers, alphabet spaghetti and suchlike. The rest of us had regular food. The Hunter's Chicken was a must-have, absolutely delicious. Petro had a steak and Rachel had a lasagne with chilli beans salad. Max had fishcake in the shape of a fish and beans and chips.

    The conversation flowed and Petro told some hilarious stories about his dating disasters. Rachel told us about her upcoming interview for promotion and Max told a story about the difficulties of hand washings silk panties and bras. After a while I told Max to shut up for a bit as he was talking too much.

    ''I know, Zoe, sissy boys do like to natter about silly little things.'' said Rachel.

    Petro tried to defend my sissy, but burst into laughter instead.

    After about 20 minutes the waitress came over to ask, ''excuse me ma'am, but we have a fun creche for sissy's, if he is getting tired or fractious. I know how naughty they can be.''

    ''No, he is fine at the moment, but thanks for the info, didn't know you had a creche, now''.

    ''Oh yes ma'am. It is through the blue door. Fully staffed, with a soft ball pit and simple jigsaws, and other fun stuff. Sissy can play and be a silly boy as much as he likes, and it is free too.''

    ''Petro said, ''that is useful. Sounds fun, huh Max?''

    ''Yes sir, it does sound good. But I am enjoying chatting to you all, here.''

    ''It's ok honey. You can stay. Good boy. Why don't you tell them about when Aunt Lillian visited at Christmas and you hade to worship her smelly feet?''

    ''Are you sure, ma'am? It isn't a nice story.''

    ''Now we are intrigued, do tell Max. I know Aunt Lillian is in her 70's and was recently widowed. She must miss her sissy slave, now what was his name, Zoe?''

    ''Albert, his name was Albert. I remember him as an old, sad man. Always looking down my school blouse. So funny!!''

    ''So Max, do tell. Sit up straight first. Don't slouch, ok?''

    ''Sorry ma'am. Well, Aunt Lillian was feeling sad and like me to put my nose up her skirt as she ate her Christmas lunch, or watched TV. I licked and sniffed and kissed her soggy panties and put my nose into her pussy. She was lovely and put her hand behind my head.''

    ''Eeugh!! sounds gross. But it was nice? How come, honey?''

    ''Well, princess it was so intimate and smelt womanly and sweet. It was an honour, ma'am.''

    ''Ok, be quiet for a while, good boy. Shall we get the 'sweet menu'?''

    We all had some chocolate concoctions, Max had jelly and milk. The anniversary meal was a big success. Max was such a good boy, next time I may let him use the creche if we are with my girlfriends. It is hard to get proper girly chat if you are heard by a sissy husband. Gossip is sweeter if little sissy ears can't listen.

    Max was allowed to stay up past his bedtime, and was a bit sleepy on the drive home. I was proud of him. He ate nicely and told some sweet tales about Aunt Lillian.

    I may take him out again, perhaps in the day next month.


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