Despotic love

I suppose I can wait to watch the cookery programme – I’ve become quite good at coping with deferred gratification.  Thank goodness it’s only Raoul this time, anyway.  Sometimes she invites all the guys round to watch a big game and I’m rushed off my feet fetching and carrying beers, snacks and condoms.  She must find it quite exhausting too. 



It’s funny how the simple act of having electrodes attached to your genitals can change your whole perspective on things.


I know she’s a busy woman, but I really think she could cane her own husband. And detention is a very special time in any relationship.

She works hard for her money (so he’d better treat her right).

But with dignity.  Always with dignity.


Some men hope for threesomes.  Me, I’m lucky if I get a onesome.

She’s also never owned an umbrella in her life.

He’s not looking forward to childbirth.

The sounds the floor makes are very different from those made by wood planking.  But very pleasant, nonetheless.

Their ballroom is world famous.

Chain keep us together, running in the shadow

Yes, it’s another link to a music video with only the most spurious and tangential connection – if any – to the theme of this blog.  
That theme being, obviously, this:

He even scratched in the corner his tally of how many there are.  But you could wipe that off if you don’t want spoilers.

He’s going to have ever such a clean mouth. And a very respectful attitude too.

Hmmm. Looks like you’re gettig that date rape after all!

Oh, it doesn’t matter.  Mouth and anus – they’re just two ends of the same tube. As my SO likes to point out: shit comes out of both and ocasionally needs to be shoved into both too, so why worry?

Awww.  Sweet.

Turning yet again

Yes – it’s everybody’s favourite series on this femdom blog!  Turning points!  Captions about scenes that are not actually femdom.

See here if you don’t know what I mean – or everywhere else you can get to by clicking ‘turning points’ in the word cloud there.  Oh look, I’ve even done it for you.  The earlier ones were better, so you might want to start there.

Here you go then:









Here is Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks

The Lady of Situations. 

Here is the man with three
staves, and here the Wheel,

And here is the one-eyed
merchant, and this card,

Which is blank, is something
he carries on his back,

Which I am forbidden to see.

Sorry – just thought we needed some better poetry, after my recent efforts.  On with the show

Hard maths domme
She’s quite strict, too.  Try to get the sums right.

Actually, it’s the beatings that are about you that are the worst.

Resistance is futile.

Actually, a remarkable 23% of drownings occur at home.  I think this is probably how.  Stay safe – always do your chores to her satisfaction.
 This is from the English Mansion and features Mistress Sidonia von Bork and Mistress Vixen, I believe.  Oh – and ‘Unknown male cadaver #14, recovered from the river Trent at 05.25, 17 September 2013.’ according to the Police report.

No.  I wouldn’t.  I’d want to stay there forever.

The Rights of Man

They’re somewhat limited, around here, you’ll find.  But we like it that way.

Caned in public
Well, you’ll find anyway, as they’re due round for a drink later.

Keira spanks yet again
Hmmm.  Looks to me like one person’s doing all the work in this relationship.

A slaves life
And she’s got plenty of time to think of some too – she’s not due back until Tuesday.

Femdom fantasy
Should never have lent her that copy of 50 Shades…

She Hathaway with my heart
Maybe she can share her literary passions with him when they’re married.


It’s what I aspire to be.  But I expect I’ll always remain completely abuseless.  So it goes.

Lesbian sadistic lust oh my
Actually, it’s quite common for female orgasms to be accompanied by loud screams.  That’s what I always find when She leaves my gag off, anyway.

Ah…Madame Sarka.  Bestrides the world of femdom like…herself.  Doubles the traffic to my site when she’s featured here.  Welcome, welcome.

Zapped into obedience
It’s what electricity was invented for.

Schoolgirl sadism - there's a lot of it about
After all, it’s nearly time for end of term reports.  The maths teacher got a particularly poor grade last time, so he’ll certainly be keen to have improved.

Just a little memento
You won’t forget her, either.

I hold these truths to be self-evident

…all Men are created equally servile, that they are endowed by their nature with certain inalienable duties, that among these are service, slavery and the pursuit of degradation. That to ensure these duties, Women’s rule is instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the inadequacies of the governed.

From the 93rd amendment to the US constitution, 2064.

Long time to wait.  Here’s something for now.

Richard thought of “Mistress Initiating Loving Flagellation”.  Sadly, that was almost twelve hours later, when he was lying face-down in his bed, desperately waiting for exhustion to overwhelm the burning pain. 
Arachnophobic masochists Google bomb here!
It’s called Juliephobia.  Fear of Julie.  It’s actually quite rational.

Not as sorry as he's going to be
Apologising can make you feel good.  But not in this case, obviously.  Not until a long time after.

They have smaller brains
It’s true, ladies, so don’t hold back.  Not only are our brains smaller, but 95% of their volume is given over to thinking about you, so there’s really little capacity left for anything else.  Might as well fill it with pain.

And small dicks too
Actually, almost everything in that book is made up.  That party she threw at the sushi bar for all three ex-girlfriends where they exchanged stories about your sexual performance, and paid a prostitute to pretend to pick you up, then scream with laughter and steal your clothes?  No way.  It was in a regular steakhouse.  See – there’s loads of stuff like that.

Dealing with feelings of guilt

I’d like you to meet some ladies who are really good at that.

Femdom wife says no - agin
Don’t worry, you’ll show her.  Just go and get yourself a lawyer and – oh.  OK, so if you save your pocket money for about two years, maybe you can afford a really cheap lawyer, and then…

Beaten for her pleasure oh my
Maybe you choose tonight.  Then she can choose again tomorrow.

Hot lesbian girl on girl action, no less
Let’s just hope the little wife doesn’t ever mention that you call her ‘the bitch’.

Girls guns and attitude
Unconditional surrender.

Instruments of torture - part 36
Nice to see her soft and affectionate side, for a moment, before she really gets started on you.

Feeling her pain

Oh, you will.

Does my bottom look caned in this?
He should be more sensitive.  Fortunately, parts of him are, so she can start working on those.

Money slavery
It can’t be for clothes, because she buys them for you.  And you’re not allowed alcohol or cigarettes.

Beaten senseless...again
She calls it “head-spanking”.  Isn’t that cute?

Americans call it a trunk I understand
Of course, it’s just possible they’ll take a bit longer than an hour.  So – best to stop all that frantic banging and wriggling about.

Just a trim please
Won’t your wife be pleased when you get home and show her?
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