There’s nothing here that is real

..but I think we’ve long ago established that, no? Anyway, it’s just yet more 1980s pop, this time from Mistress Tracy (Tracy). Distressingly SFW, like so much in life.

She’s very embarassed, poor thing – but even the most experienced professionals can have an off day.
Fortunately, the experience is very memorable.
He’s hoping eventually she’ll come round. Women find that kind of persistence very romantic.
There’s a part of me that does…
I don’t want anyone reading this to think I believe boys shouldn’t study science and stuff like that. They’ll be no good at it, but it can be enlightening for their female classmates to watch them being beaten as they fail repeatedly.
If you feel like arguing, maybe it’s time to start practising some of those all-important speech protocols, hmm?


 A lovely word.  Rarely used in the plural, but there are some of us that need repeated reminders.

Of course, as an employee you are welcome to put forward any criticisms you might have of that policy. They have policies about dealing with employee feedback, too.  Lots of policies.

Perhaps he could save himself some tribute money, when they announce the results of the next teachers’ pay review.

There’s a reason that dial goes up to ten, so why not turn it all the way and let it stay there? I suspect the guidelines are erring on the side of caution and anyway, even it does break, they could always get another.

Sounds like she has the haughty ‘domme’ attitude down pat already.  I suspect she’s going to be really good at this.

That does sound a bit fearsome. Thank goodness it’ll only be temporary.

Sweet surrender


It’s basically harmless: it’s just in a cage to keep it from getting into trouble, that’s all.




Life-long learning.  Apparently we’ll all be doing that in the future, which sounds very exciting.




No, nothing.





Happiest day of your life they say.  OK, that’s not always true but it does seem certain there will be a great many days after this one that are thoroughly unhappy, so it’s quite an accurate description.

Oh well.  She tried.  Now she’ll try something else.


Good harmful fun

 …and nothing wrong with that.

They take pain management very seriously.

It’s best to double-check these things.  I’ve been on at least two dates which ended up in an argument relating to a confusion between inches and centimetres – and on one of them my so-called ‘date’ actually beat me up.

Obviously, we should be trying to encourage more women to go into STEM subjects.  Because technical progress and science are important – so best not left to morons.

That’s a relief.  I was worried.

It just shows I’m a red-hot lurrve machine, surely?

Spankable moments

If the other maids don’t mind, why should you?


Paying €200 per hour only enhances the humiliation of line-writing or corner time, I find.

And don’t forget that a spit-roast is charged at anal rates at both ends.

They say size doesn’t matter, but even fully lubed up I find that it does.

It’s symbolic of something or other.  Most things are.

When you’re spoken to

… it’s just bliss.

It’s always my favourite reason!

Gabriel’s pretty smart, for a boy.  You could even imagine him ending up as one of those high-end executive secretaries.  Unless some girl just comes along and sweeps him off his feet.

In a rare instance of the comics taking ideas from the fandom, I’ve heard that Marvel’s next superhero is called ‘Laundryboy’.

She’s a generous tipper.  If you put out.

I once suggested to my SO that I might be better at blow jobs if I’d ever experienced one. She just laughed and asked whether I’d be better at ironing shirts if I’d ever been ironed.  So we tried that instead. She’s very practical like that.

Ladies in red

Men’s libbers are actually firmly opposed to being spanked.  Most men are, actually.  But they always end up thankful for it.

I once paid a prostitute to have sex with me – booked with a credit card.  But when I opened the door to her, she looked me up and down, dug around in her purse, handed me the same amount in cash and walked off.  Which could actually be quite handy some time, if I’m ever somewhere with no ATMs.
Never try puppy play alongside an actual dog.  They’re better at it. Much the same goes for sex and real men.  Don’t even try – you’ll just look foolish.  And you wouldn’t want that.


Except that she’s started by using social media to advertise, so her first clients are precisely likely to be your friends.  And your close family members.

She’s sneaked a tub of lube into the bottom of your tuck box.  You know: to make the first few days a bit easier.  She’s kind like that.

You know I work all day to get you money to buy you things

… and it’s worth it.

They still holiday in the same place, and go down to the lake to the pier and occasionally she pushes him in for old times’ sake.  It’s not always at the same time of year but it still has the same magic.  Last February the ice was so thick it didn’t break when he fell on it – so much for global warming, huh?

Some men find it annoying and restrictive having to wear a shock collar, but really – it’s ten minutes sitting plugged in by the wall most days… maybe 15 minutes at most after a lot of use?  Then you’re fully charged and can get on with your life in whatever way takes her fancy.  It just takes a little planning that’s all.

Many men get excited at the thought of watching passionate lesbian sex, but believe me after a few years you kinda start to feel a bit jealous?  Silly, I know…


she’s having the schoolroom fitted out already.  If she’s not even
pregnant yet, I have to say that seems a little premature.

As I’ve always said: there’s no job a woman can do that a man can’t do too.  Just more slowly, not as well and with someone of a superior gender in charge to make sure he doesn’t fuck it up.  Which, admittedly, doesn’t work too well when flying a plane.  But Billy can have his dreams – then he’ll grow up, meet a nice girl who’ll sweep him off his feet and he’ll settle down as a happy househusband, I expect.


Submissive husbands sometimes don’t realise how embarassing it must be for their partners to be married to such hopeless, pathetic losers.

She’s definitely one of those teachers that students will remember all their lives.

Another lady who takes pride in her work.  They say pride is a sin but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to include women.
As if she didn’t have one packed for the honeymoon already.

Sure, no rush. Pain’s pain, at any time.


I’ve been a very bad wolf.

Actually, there’s a funny story about this one.  It turned out there were no fewer than three Miguels on the beach!  So as you can imagine things got a little embarassing – and of course we soon ran out of condoms and beer, so I had to run back to the shop. Still, it all worked out OK in the end.

You can cary an orgasm donor card, you know: ‘I want to help someone come when I die’?  Not that it really makes much difference, but prior consent is a thing with some people.

I think he’s looking at her funny now.  Some men never learn, huh?

And the evening, and the next day too, if need be. One wrist can outlast a great many bottoms, as any schoolmistress will attest.

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