Good harmful fun

 …and nothing wrong with that.

They take pain management very seriously.

It’s best to double-check these things.  I’ve been on at least two dates which ended up in an argument relating to a confusion between inches and centimetres – and on one of them my so-called ‘date’ actually beat me up.

Obviously, we should be trying to encourage more women to go into STEM subjects.  Because technical progress and science are important – so best not left to morons.

That’s a relief.  I was worried.

It just shows I’m a red-hot lurrve machine, surely?

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  1. No Locktober captions? I was expecting them.
    That is weird, considering how special this month is for some very happy submissive males out there.

    Maybe you and your lovely SO don't partake on its celebration? Or maybe you have a more permanent concept of chastity. In any case, please consider some future captions celebrating the month.

    -A humble anonymous commentator.

  2. I'm sorry but again I have to take exception to your nasty little blog.

    The teacher, supposedly a smart woman, should have written "pi" on the blackboard, not that stonehenge-looking thingy.

    We boys are not as stupid as you make out.

    … Bob

  3. Yes, I quite agree. Both on the nastiness of the blog – obviously – and on the incomprehensibility of that particular captioned image. I didn't understand it at all, to be honest, and it doesn't feature large-breasted ladies in latex waving whips, so I really didn't see the point. Boys can be smart, too: they just know about different things from girls. Very few women know the best places on the Internet to find pictures of large-breasted ladies in latex waving whips, to pick just one example among a great many.

    But Herself insisted on it and I've learnt not to argue when she does.

    You're right, too, that boys are often treated quite harshly on this blog. But that's a feature, not a bug.

    Best wishes, Bob


  4. Indeed, HAC, indeed, but as my SO likes to say: Locktober is followed by Lockvember, Lockcember, Lockuary and so on, all the way through the year until it's Locktober again.

    Locktober seems to have started on the Internet fairly recently, and we have long had our own celebrations on our own special days. There's Mistress's birthday, on which I give her a birthday present and receive a special birthday beating… Christmas when I give her a Christmas present and receive a special Christmas beating… Tuesdays when I give her a Tuesday present and receive a special Tuesday beating.. and so on, more frequently than I care to remember.

    But I shall bear it in mind and if inspiration strikes me, or anyone else does, I might try to do something for next year. The blog will be ten years old this coming January! I'm going to give Mistress a special blog anniversary present and receive a… well, she said that'll be a surprise. So I can take the long view.

    Best wishes


  5. Well the whole inches v centimetres thing is bad enough, but when you're being put on a weight loss diet because Mistress thinks you should be a little less porky be sure you know whether she's talking about pounds or kilos…..

  6. Yes indeed. Or, in a more radical femdom relationship, not being sure which fleshy parts of your body she considers to be surplus.

    Although I mostly think of myself a modern European, I'll confess that I prefer imperial measures in this area of life. Beatings are quite rightly delivered in dozens and as for inches – well, there's just something so much more satisfying, more vivid about saying 'four-and-three-eighths inches' than 'one hundred and eleven millimetres', don't you think? To take a number entiely at random.

    Best wishes


  7. I'm glad you liked it, Furc. I thought some of it might have gone over your fluffy little head – it certainly did mine!

    The school has an interesting approach, actually, in trying to educate boys and girls in the same class. It's OK until they hit puberty, and the boys' IQ obviously starts dropping quite sharply. I watched an English class, for instance, in which the girls read Virgina Woolf, while the boys read Enid Blyton. I'll admit I felt a bit sorry for the girls sitting too close to boys who were quietly spelling out the words they were reading aloud. Quite distracting. But then they split, for physics and home economics, respectively, which I thought made sense. After all, whether you're married to a nuclear physicist or a lawyer, you'll be ironing skirts in much the same way.

    Best wishes


  8. So sorry to hear about your perpetual state of chastity. Or maybe I should be happy, considering your SO is probably very happy about the fact.

    Anyways, ten years is a very long time to own a blog and continously update it! My most sincere congratulations. Maybe another interview is in due time for this tenth anniversary to know more about Servitor. I remember you were interviewed once a long time ago (, but consider not asking Mistress Whippenham. She's a fantastic Mistress for sure, but not as good of an interviewer

    -A humble anonymous commentator

  9. And when it came to binary maths the boys thought they were football scores. Lots of one nils. Don't forget the civics classes on how to be good little gentlemen. They are at a disadvantage. No not just because of their basic gender but because they have to get breakfast ready with their fathers for their Mothers & Sisters and get to school a little later after clearing up. They leave a little earlier too to help daddy at home. Femsup

  10. Well, it's not actually perpetual, as such, merely indefinite. It could temporaily cease at any time. Or not. My SO is generally quite a happy person about lots of things but not this more than most. As she says, it's a matter of almost total indifference to her whether I have orgasms or not, but on balance she marginally prefers me not to, so that's that. It's not a big deal, I am told.

    I'll be thinking about how to celebrate this blog's ten years of miserable existence. Remarkable that you should find the Mistress Whippenham interview. That was a long time ago. But I don't think I share your opinion about her interviewing skills. On the contrary, like everything she does, they are perfect in every way. I think if you book yourself for an 'interview' with her, you might find you change your mind too.

  11. Well, boys have many disadvantages it's true: stupidity and laziness, for example, in addition to those you cite. But it is possible to motivate them to at least try to overcome those, using modern educational technology such as the tawse.

    I am afraid boys' role at football matches in that school had to be severely scaled back, after one of the girls complained that the noise of them charging around the pitch was disturbing her. Forunately, the boys' cheerleading team was spared, so they at least still get to watch the games, while dancing and chanting their little hearts out.

    Best years of their lives, so they say – and for most of these boys, that will turn out to be the simple truth.

    Best wishes


  12. I suppose in a way its the latest but its also old and very traditional to use the tawse. The bound cheerleaders trying to hum out their songs and struggle with their bindings as they gyrate in their very tight shorts showing their bulges as the Femal athletes show their strength and endeavour. Femup

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