Despised and rejected by women

…whenever I get the chance, but usually I have to pay for the privilege.  Ah well.

Mistress Eleise blonde joke
I like a domme with a sense of humour.  But actually, I’ve always been able to make girls laugh.  I remember my very first date – in school the next day, she and all her friends giggled whenever they saw me.  Just a knack.
 I try to identify and pay hommage to featured pro-dommes here, after downloading, lusting after and defacing their pictures.  But does anyone not know this is Mistress Eleise de Lacey already?  I mean, really?  Come on guys – do try to pay attention.

Superglue femdom
Dommes: don’t try this at home.  You can chip off the paintwork.  Do it at his place, instead.

More pig-sticking
Good luck, George.

Annabels will
I’ll bet she does.
This lady – Lady Annabelle – doesn’t feature here quite as much as Ms de Lacey.  But she’s very lovely too (and has a wonderful voice) and you can find more pics and video of her here, you lucky little perverts.
Castration fetish
Well, I think it’s disgusting.  Reading a squalid little porno blog like that.  Yuk.

Fiction: Slave Tony

Hmm?  What’s the hardest
punishment session I’ve ever given?
Oh, that’s easy. 
Slave Tony.  It has to be Slave
Everyone in the scene knew Slave Tony.  He’d been hanging around S&M clubs maybe ten years before I even started.  You see, he was this guy from New York who used to go round all the
mistresses, saying that nothing they could do could break him.  He was pretty tough too.  He could take a hundred strokes of the cane
and wouldn’t even cry out. One time me and these two other girls spent a whole
weekend just working him over, and we still couldn’t do it.  Tough guy.  Really.
And this was really pissing me off, so I asked him once if
he would agree that I could do anything I wanted to him, to see if I could
break him.   I’d win if I could make him
cry.  Of course, we agreed some
limits.  No permanent injuries, that kind
of thing.  But any kind of beating,
bondage, imprisonment all of that – I guess Tony thought he could take
it.  Nothing was going to make him cry.  He hardly even gave it a second thought, just laughed and said I could do whatever I liked.
So I arranged for us both to fly down to Venezuela one Labor
day weekend.  I told him there was this
heavy S&M scene there, you know?  And
when we there we had a pretty wild time, and Tony got laid, and I whipped him
and everything, and he just took the whole thing without a grunt.  Same as always.
But one of the local girls was the sister of my friend in
Queens.  And she made him come on to her
quite rough, like we’d arranged, and she was pretty bruised when they’d
And then she reported him for rape.  They take that kind of thing pretty seriously
in Venezuela.  Especially when it’s rich
Americans doing the raping.  So he got 14
years with hard labour.
I went to see him a few years ago – he’d already done four years, I think.  He was looking pretty thin.  I don’t think they feed them much; and they
work them hard.  Anyway, they have an
early release scheme for good behaviour. 
And he’s been very well-behaved – after the first few weeks, anyway.  He’s one of those guys that just keeps his
head down, doing his time.  Says yes sir
and no sir to the guards when he’s ordered about.  So anyway, he should be out in  – oh, just three more years, now, I guess. 
That’s the only time I’ve seen him, anyway.  Just the one visit.  Actually, I think it
was the first time he’d had a visitor at all. 
None of his friends know he’s there.
Oh – and did I forget to mention?  He cried.

Authority figures

Clear instructions femdom
I like a woman who knows what she wants.  Don’t you?

Dominatrix tells you to fuck off
Mmmm.  If you pay extra maybe she’ll ignore you even more.

Teacher assessment humiliation
It’s tragic, the breakdown in authority in schools these days.  Don’t you think?

Mmmm… pretty exciting, huh?  I wonder what she has planned?  A really hard spanking?

Actually, I have a ‘frequently annoying traveller’ card.  So they don’t have to make any special arrangements: the stewardesses just slap me on sight. I get special meals too.

Election day!

Yes!  Like most pornographic sites on the Internet, this blog is today devoted to the European elections!  Which are today!  In the UK.  And a different day, in some other countries!  Yaaaaaaaaay!

Actually, I do find election day quite exciting.  Finding out who I’ll be voting for!  She’s promised to text me before lunchtime, so I won’t have to wait much longer.

Really, it is just an excuse to put up my caption about the European Working Time Directive.  There’s not many femdom sites would dare to tackle subjects like that, you know!


Normal post, with all five pictures, tomorrow.

Evil women doing horrible things to men

(I read somewhere that blog posts should have clear, factual titles to attract traffic.  And what could be more attractive than that title?)

Not that it really matters how he reacts, once the padlock’s on.


It’s often the simple things we men find most difficult.


Hmmm.  “If you didn’t want X, you shouldn’t have Y”.  Can’t think where I read that before, Servitor.


Well, I think it’s sweet.  In a slightly psychotic kind of way.


Yup.  Crying’s good.  Also screaming in frustration.  It all helps pass the time.  Actually, the chap pictured behind her there just squats down all day, gently rocking backwards and forwards and moaning in a steady rhythm.  Hey – it gets him through the day, you know?

Relationship management

I don’t really have much of a managerial role in our relationship, actually, so I don’t know too much about that.  This is what I know about:

Female led silence
It’s not easy being newlyweds – so many things to learn about how to live together.  Thank goodness for whips, eh?

Oh – and for some tips about marriage?  Try Servitor’s seven secrets series.  You’ll never see marriage in the same way again.

Punctured lung femdom - yummy!
No indeed.  He’s only got one left, and he’d hate to lose it.

Unsafe sex
Now I want you to know that Mistress Eleise, who features so beautifully in this image, would never really use a coathanger as a sound.  Not unless it was strictly necessary, anyway.

Tattoos and beating
Why do I imagine that what they decide to do about it will also involve beating…?

Rubber nurse fun
It’s actually quite hard doing open-heart surgery when you’re having an orgasm.  Fortunately, it’s only a man they’re operating on.

Words of discomfort

Honey blonde
And of course, you do.  It’s a question of how much you want it.  Or rather, how much she does.

Female led in the right direction
It’s good that he feels he can get these things out in the open.  And good, as well, that she feels she can beat the shit out of him if he does.

Lying slave
Who’d have guessed?

…and then?
You mustn’t assume from this that they cruelly starve all their slaves to death, because that’s just not true.  Some they fatten up for slaughter.


That’s today’s new word!  (And it begins with ‘i’!).

Apparently, ‘intersectionality’ refers to multiple overlapping systems of domination and oppression, and can be best described through a ‘matrix of domination’!  Sounds like fun, huh?

I’m going to get me on one of them gender studies courses, right away.  I could enter this blog as my thesis… although I expect some narrow-minded academic would probably consider it to be politically incorrect.

Oh well.  Let’s have some pictures of sexy young women posing for the camera and holding fetish objects in a threatening way, shall we?  Nothing politically incorrect there.


Actually, I think you’re on precisely the right side of the river. Why would you want to go anywhere else?


Actually, it’s simpler than that.  He hasn’t left the aircraft – and he won’t.


If you can’t keep twenty-eight simple vows, then what on earth are you doing getting married, hmmm?


Sometimes it’s worth all the screaming and begging for mercy just to have made the point of priciple though, isn’t it?  Isn’t it?


Oh, I have no problem with authority at all.  Not when it looks like Mistress Eleise de Lacey.

She has a new website, you know.  Hooray!  It’s because she’s moved to Canada.  Nooooooo!  Western Canada!  Aaaaaargh!  Vancouver.  I don’t even know where Vancouver is!  But it’s far.

Fatale attraction

Normal service is now resumed.  And I can use the letter ‘i’ and everything.

Impalas!  Intrepid!  Vicissitude!  Inimitable!  Mississississississipipipipitipie!

Oh god, that felt good.

On we go.

Bloody nose femdom
It’s not a good idea to make her cross.

Femdom dress code
That’s right, Dave.  Stand up for yourself, mate.

First time domme
Oh, it’ll be OK.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Big whip, huh?  Small room…

I asked my SO for a regular date to be fixed for my masturbation day.  She chose 29th February.
She can be cruel like that.


Yeah, don’t beat yourself up about it.  That’s her job.
(joke copyright the Addams Family movie.  It’s better when Angelica Houston says it.)

For the record


An unusual blog post today. 
The blogger has to create a post of at least one thousand words, and not
one of them can have the letter that comes between ‘h’ and ‘j’.  All other letters are acceptable, but that
one letter cannot be used.  Not today.

Why such a rule, you ask?  Well, a Lady known to the blogger – a
pro-domme that he sees when lucky enough to do so – has recently become aware
he produces the ‘CTD’ blog.  And two days ago, for reasons
too dull to recount, the author was late when due to meet the Lady concerned,
and she was not at all happy about that matter. 
The scene began almost a quarter of an hour late, and the fault rests
solely on the present author.
So, as a penance for such bad conduct, she commanded that
the blog post you read today must be at least one thousand words long, and not
one of those words can employ that letter.  You
understand, of course, that the rule acts as a penance, because to create text
that way must always be much harder – and slower.
The blogger expresses deep sorrow to any readers of the blog
who hoped to read some more enjoyable prose here today.  However, you should be aware that, however
dull today’s post can be for you to read, for the author to construct such an
essay was utterly dreary.  He feels
resentment about the task he has been handed, and he undoubtedly feels shame,
as well.  That he – a grown man – should
have to spend hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon, on such a humdrum task!  Probably, for her, the order to me was just a small and casual thought, produced as part
of the femdom ‘scene’ that was acted out at her chambers.  For her, part of the job.  She does not, most probably, really feel much
sexual or other pleasure from such casual use of power over me. Yet for me, her
use – and abuse – of power meets a need: for abasement, for control and even
for shame.
And so, here the author must be, some days later.  He types carefully, and has to stop
frequently, to create  a word that meets
the sense he wants to convey, that does not enclose the letter that she has not
allowed.  The word count slowly goes up,
as sentences slowly appear.  Frequently,
the author needs to return, to correct matters when – through a lack of
competence on the author’s part – a word was thoughtlessly typed that had the
banned letter. 
But the thought occurs: the rule that she has demanded has a
purpose, other than penance.  Just as a
recap: the letter the author cannot use comes after ‘h’ and before ‘j’.  One vowel as any other: perfectly usual.  Yet that letter has an uncommon role.  The letter – usually presented upper-case –
acts as a word to mean ‘the person who speaks’, or ‘the person here’ and so
on.  But slaves should have no need of
such a part of speech.  Commonly, those
followers of the bdsm scene who act as slaves refer to themselves only as ‘the
slave’ or ‘her object’ and terms of such self-abuse.  They are de-personed, rendered no longer as
people, by an act of abasement that must be renewed each and every day, whenever
they are called upon to speak.  Surely,
then, no penance could be more well crafted, to stress to a slave the lowly
place that he possesses, than a command that that letter – and that letter
alone – must never be employed?  How
clever and astute my Lady shows herself to be, through the atonement she has
forced her lowly sub to undergo!
The word count feature tells me that many more words are
needed, to meet my Lady’s command.   As
yet, we are not three-quarters of the way to the target length, and of course
there can be no attempt at short measures or any thought that one could cheat!
My Lady knows how to use a word count just as well as anyone else, so the task must be completed, no matter how dull that task becomes, no matter how much the author
would prefer to watch TV, or play a computer game.  The way he spends today has
been pronounced already, and he has no sway over the matter.
No doubt the Lady herself has much better ways to spend her
hours than to read dull prose on absurd femdom blogs, and can therefore safely
be assumed no longer to be one of the readers. 
The author can therefore say whatever he wants about her*, and about what
she has commanded.  Yet through the
anger, through the resentment at a wasted afternoon, and the shame of deference
to such casual commands, the author has only one thought.  He adores her.
He adores her beauty, her power, her pose.  The way she gazes upon her slave when we are
together at her chambers, me secured to a cross and she casually, elegantly
seated on her throne.  She draws on the
tobacco and blows the smoke away, whether towards me or perhaps towards any
other object before her – why should she care? 
Her contempt: whether amused contempt, a sweet taunt or a savage
rebuke.  The way she looks, casually
dressed, before the scene starts.  She
has no need of leather, of PVC, of sharply-heeled boots laced from top to toe,
yet when she wears them before me my heart nearly stops.
She acts as my angel, who takes me to my personal heaven as
well as my hell.  She commands me, she
exalts me: through a soft word she causes me to ascend, by a harsh one she
casts me down once more.
Her laugh.  Above all,
her laugh.
My task has been completed: more than a thousand words
produced, and not one use of the letter between ‘h’ and ‘j’.  So now, the penance done and the rule no
longer extant, that letter can once more be used.  Yet now the author understands how rare and
valuable that letter can be – so let the letter be used just once, as part of a word of great power, to conclude
the essay. 
Thank you.
Thank you, Mistress.

*  (but he knows he cannot use her name here, at her request)

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