Relationship management

I don’t really have much of a managerial role in our relationship, actually, so I don’t know too much about that.  This is what I know about:

Female led silence
It’s not easy being newlyweds – so many things to learn about how to live together.  Thank goodness for whips, eh?

Oh – and for some tips about marriage?  Try Servitor’s seven secrets series.  You’ll never see marriage in the same way again.

Punctured lung femdom - yummy!
No indeed.  He’s only got one left, and he’d hate to lose it.

Unsafe sex
Now I want you to know that Mistress Eleise, who features so beautifully in this image, would never really use a coathanger as a sound.  Not unless it was strictly necessary, anyway.

Tattoos and beating
Why do I imagine that what they decide to do about it will also involve beating…?

Rubber nurse fun
It’s actually quite hard doing open-heart surgery when you’re having an orgasm.  Fortunately, it’s only a man they’re operating on.

3 thoughts on “Relationship management”

  1. By any chance, do you know who the woman is in the first picture (the one with the big hat)? She's quite beautiful

  2. Would an over branding do to get rid of the tattoo? Perhaps the peeling off of the flesh there.


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