Evil women doing horrible things to men

(I read somewhere that blog posts should have clear, factual titles to attract traffic.  And what could be more attractive than that title?)

Not that it really matters how he reacts, once the padlock’s on.


It’s often the simple things we men find most difficult.


Hmmm.  “If you didn’t want X, you shouldn’t have Y”.  Can’t think where I read that before, Servitor.


Well, I think it’s sweet.  In a slightly psychotic kind of way.


Yup.  Crying’s good.  Also screaming in frustration.  It all helps pass the time.  Actually, the chap pictured behind her there just squats down all day, gently rocking backwards and forwards and moaning in a steady rhythm.  Hey – it gets him through the day, you know?

0 thoughts on “Evil women doing horrible things to men”

  1. Well we better not make too much noise, Servitor,or our sentence could be extended to ten….) ."Just saying how much we deserve our punishment ma'am"..(

  2. It's best not to say too much, actually. Even if they forget to let you out when your sentence is up. But reminding them really only makes them cross. Sooner or later someone will check, no doubt.

  3. Hmmm. Doesn't sound immensely professional. Are you sure that was a proper prison officer? Union accredited and everything?

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