Election day!

Yes!  Like most pornographic sites on the Internet, this blog is today devoted to the European elections!  Which are today!  In the UK.  And a different day, in some other countries!  Yaaaaaaaaay!

Actually, I do find election day quite exciting.  Finding out who I’ll be voting for!  She’s promised to text me before lunchtime, so I won’t have to wait much longer.

Really, it is just an excuse to put up my caption about the European Working Time Directive.  There’s not many femdom sites would dare to tackle subjects like that, you know!


Normal post, with all five pictures, tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Election day!”

  1. >>the European elections! Which are today! In the UK. And a different day, in some other countries! Yaaaaaaaaay!

    They are also today across the North Sea, in the Netherlands.

  2. Rather to my surprise, this is NOT the only femdom blog on the Internet that today focuses on the European elections and UKIP. Checkout http://mistressladyleyla.blogspot.tw/ for more sexy fun relating to European labour market legislation, the qualified majority vote and the principle of subsidiarity!

  3. I would have liked to have voted female supremacy party or women are superior party as a sub male I don't think men should have rights at all this way the superior sex would rule and have complete power over men this is the way to improve society

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