She’s also beautiful when she’s not angry

 … but it’s not quite as much fun.

You might find you get to like it.  Or you might not.  She doesn’t really care, so why should you?

Divine Mistress Heather and her divine feet and divine attitude.

When she says ‘using it’ she doesn’t mean… you know.  Not in public, that would be disgusting.  Anyway, it hasn’t been three months yet, has it?

She gets bored and loses track of time, poor thing.  I expect she’ll get better at it, eventually.

Sounds like she’s got a tough decision to take.  I hope it doesn’t keep her from having a good night’s sleep.

I expect you’ve been wondering how some glammed-up domme could simply walk into a police station, with a client in a pink latex dress, march straight past the officers on duty, put the client in a cell and walk out without anyone challenging her, right?  I certainly have been.  I guess we’ll never know.


 It’s a photostory!  I don’t do many of these… though there was that thing with the divine Anne, more years ago than I care to remember.

But this is another divine person: the wonderful, sexy, glamorous and creative Divine Mistress Heather, in fact (or, more specifically, in fiction).

Obviously, needless to say, this is a silly made-up story, produced solely as a perverse sexual fantasy, that in no way reflects the professional or personal attitudes, opinions, proclivities or political views of Divine Mistress Heather.  

In reality, of course, Mistress Heather is actually a very nice person and, erm…


Oh. OK, maybe she isn’t.  But I’m sure that just makes her even more wonderful still.

Repent at leisure

My repentence, her leisure.

I often suffer from pain during my SO’s sexual activity.  Usually in the same room, but not always.  Her reaching orgasm sometimes brings relief from the pain – temporarily at any rate – I’m glad to say.
Visiting a domme can be a very spiritual experience.
Oh well.  No real harm done
 The lovely Divine Mistress Heather, who in real life I am sure always makes sure her slaves get exactly the voltage they need: neither more nor (most certainly) less.
See?  She’s not a vicious, unfeeling sadist at all.  She’s a considerate, empathetic sadist.  They’re the worst.
The one on the back’s quite long. I was told it describes in detail the ways I am blessed.

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