She’s also beautiful when she’s not angry

 … but it’s not quite as much fun.

You might find you get to like it.  Or you might not.  She doesn’t really care, so why should you?

Divine Mistress Heather and her divine feet and divine attitude.

When she says ‘using it’ she doesn’t mean… you know.  Not in public, that would be disgusting.  Anyway, it hasn’t been three months yet, has it?

She gets bored and loses track of time, poor thing.  I expect she’ll get better at it, eventually.

Sounds like she’s got a tough decision to take.  I hope it doesn’t keep her from having a good night’s sleep.

I expect you’ve been wondering how some glammed-up domme could simply walk into a police station, with a client in a pink latex dress, march straight past the officers on duty, put the client in a cell and walk out without anyone challenging her, right?  I certainly have been.  I guess we’ll never know.

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  1. Honey, I spoke to your manager, Amanda, yesterday. She was asking permission for you to go to the pub in Friday as one of the junior clerks is retiring after being with the company for 30years, Pete – I think that is his name. She said she would be there to supervise and your team leader, Rachel, will be monitoring the men.

    Now, I think it is a good idea to celebrate a loyal and long serving colleague, but we are having a dinner party on Friday and you will be needed to serve our friends and work in the kitchen.

    She said she understood, but she thought she would ask. She knew you are not allowed to drink and she thought you may have been able to fetch and serve the drinks to the women their.

    Amanda is so thoughtful. We got to talk about your performance at work and she said she though you were a good team player but a bit lazy and hard to motivate. She also said you were obsessed by the women's legs and have been caught staring on many occasions.

    Is this true, honey?

    I have told you this before, you keep your eyes on the ground. Women hate being objectified in this way. I know the legs are pretty but you have no right to look, ok?

    As far as being lazy and hard to motivate, I am very disappointed, honey. You were caned for that the last time Amanda mentioned it. I have asked her for a monthly report and if I don't see some improvement then I will have to get Mrs Spender in to whip you until you scream.

    That is a fair warning, honey.

    What do you mean how can a Data Entry Clerk show he is not lazy and is motivated?

    Well, you could enter faster and ask Amanda for more work, ask if you can make everyone in the team tea or coffee. You could volunteer when she needs help, you could join in the girly conversation, you know be part of the feminine vibe in the office.

    You could smile more, you could wear a pretty blouse with your office shorts, you could have a variety of pantyhose in your desk drawer so that if someone snags a pair you are known to have spares. The same with pads and tampons. Tell them this is what you want to do and ask for their preference as to brands the women like, ok?

    Ok, this has been a learning experience and I want you to learn from it.

    Get on with your chores now honey.


  2. It doesn't sound to me as if your 'honey' is too hard to motivate, Ms Zoe. In fact, I suspect it might even be quite fun for you.

    Many thanks, as ever, for your creative and funny contribution.

    Best wishes


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