Humbling experiences

‘PIV’ (Penis in Vagina) is not the only sort of sex a married couple can try, after all.  There’s ‘SIA’ (strap-on in anus), for instance, or ‘PIALTTUIBEIADREFWTSITP’ (penis in a little tube tucked up in bed early, in a different room entirely from where the sex is taking place) too.




Thank goodness for that.



My SO and I take all the financial decisions together.  I don’t actually take part in the decision, obviously, but I’m usually there when it’s made and that’s what matters.




Findom clients are born not made, they say.  One every minute, I’ve heard.



Actually, she decided in the end that most of the guys she’s fucked probably wouldn’t get the reference (they tend not to be bookish types), so she went with something a bit less subtle on the same theme.


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  1. Love these, dear Servitor, brilliant !! Zoe

    Darling you know I really miss Richard. He has been away for just two weeks, but I am desperate to see him. It is over three weeks until he is back.

    What do I miss ? Well, his sense of fun, his compliments, his buying power, his warm smile, the way he keeps you in line, his cooking skills, his enormous c**k, of course.

    Do you miss your master, honey?

    You do, tell me what you miss. Stay kneeling by my feet, ok?

    ''well goddess, I miss his smile and his sense of joy, I miss how he looks after me and gives me jobs to do to amuse him. I miss how he protects you and makes you happy.''

    So, am I not happy when he is not here?

    ''goddess, he may have talked you into not caning me yesterday when you caught me eating potato peel without permission, he can be merciful like that.''

    You think I am more cruel when he is not here?

    ''yes goddess.''

    Well, thanks for your honesty. I was thinking of using your tiny c**k tonight after dinner, but I suddenly don't feel like it after that outburst.

    Get out of my sight and write your 2000 lines of ''I know my goddess is kind when master is not here.''

    Oh, by the way, I noticed you had eaten some of my leftover food from last night. You must know I buy slave food especially for you, so you don't have the need to eat my cold veggies and old pie. I know you like it but you should stick to your diet, babe….ok?


  2. I love this, one of the best – " 'PIALTTUIBEIADREFWTSITP' (penis in a little tube tucked up in bed early, in a different room entirely from where the sex is taking place)"

  3. Thank you, Zoe.

    I'm sure your darling misses Richard's enormous cock, too, he's just too embarrassed to say so. Why not get him to express his feelings by writing a poem on the subject and reading it out loud to welcome Dick back?

    Best wishes


  4. Indeed. Or simply 'PIA' – penis in agony. My SO enjoys that one.

    I think some of the images in that Bulgari shoot need a good, hard captioning. I'll get right to work.

    Best wishes (Femsup, I take it?).


  5. The “penetrative sex” one is deliciously cutting. And appropriate. SaraE

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