Took my hand and so unkindly

 …cut me down with words so cruel


Many men just don’t appreciate how painful high-heeled shoes can be.





There’s a place near me that does them ready-stomped.  Very wide range of toppings too.



I hope her arm’s not getting tired, the poor thing.  I think someone’s doing all the work in this relationship.



She has great influencing skills.


Yes, but apart from that…?










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  1. I think I will choose palm up and the left hand. Do you think that if I splay my fingers the heel might go down between my fingers? No, I suppose not and OWWWWW!

  2. Oh dear. You know, she'd probably be happy to do the other hand too, if you regret your choice.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  3. Darling, we need to talk. You know I like your sister, Ruby, she is so sweet. Well she told me that when you were younger if your mommy told her to tidy her room or take the trash out she would tell you to do it. She said your mom didn't care and thought it was good training for her when she gets married.

    The point is darling that you and Ruby are very close, is that correct?

    Good, because she is going to come and stay with us for the summer. Yes, the whole summer, even when me and Richard are in Bali in August. She said she is happy to mange you and ensure you are a good boy.

    Now, that is not the response I expected. You should be grateful, as you are so close. Yes, she has my permission to cane you or punish you in any way she considers right. I trust her, darling.

    Good boy! I am pleased you are happy now.

    Now, I wanted to talk to you about having opinions when our family and friends are around. I know no one wants your opinion, darling, but we must have rules on this subject.

    As you know, I have always said you must check my opinion if you want to say anything on any subject. We agreed also that if you don't know my opinion then you do not say anything, ok?

    Now yesterday when David and Marissa were her they talked about Harry and Meghan, remember.?

    Now I have always been on Team Meghan, but I haven't really talked to you about it much. That means, if asked, you haven't got an opinion, ok? At the beginning I loved the idea of a mixed race woman being in the Royal Family, and I enjoyed the wedding.

    I even let you watch some of the highlights on TV in the evening. Lately, I've been a bit surprised at some of the things that have gone on, you know?

    Anyways the point is, that when David said he liked Harry best, I didn't expect you to say anything. It was sweet that you defended Meghan, but both Marissa and I were shocked you spoke.

    It was very naughty of you. Especially as you were serving dinner at the time. You shouldn't join in conversations when you are in full slave mode. You know better than that, darling.

    Marissa is so lovely, you know, she said don't punish you, she didn't mind.

    Well, she might not mind, but it is a rule that you only speak with permission, 6 strokes of the cane at the monthly review, I think.

    Now get on with hand washing my socks.


  4. That sounds like a very wise course of action, Ms Zoe. Sissies with opinions must be such a nuisance – and the trouble with the Megan/Harry thing is that it concerns princesses so sissies will take an interest, even though the politics of it are really far beyond them. Still, sounds like you nipped that particular bit of impertinence firmly in the bud, so all is well.

    Best wishes


  5. Oh my! That last Lady with the insults on performance made me reach into my own panty and start rubbing… I’m feeling real small now! Hope you keep it up! SaraE

  6. I rarely get it up, SaraE, let alone keep it. And I rarely manage more than one entendre in a row, too.

    I understand she carried on for about another five minutes in that vein… and then went and wrote her review on DateAdvisor. Apparently, if you email the site operators you can actually give negative ratings – who knew?

    Best wishes


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