Asexual gratification




Why not both?



Busy busy.  Still, at least when he’s screaming under the relentless high-paced whipping, he can console himself with the thought that it’s not as bad as he’ll be getting later from Madame Sarka.  We so rarely just pause to count our blessings – don’t you agree?



Ah, young love.  I remember my first really vigorous reaming as if it were yesterday.


She might say that she’s not really into the weird femdomination stuff, but actually she could probably be persuaded to try a little chastity play too – or even rather a lot of it.



0 thoughts on “Asexual gratification”

  1. Sissies getting bent over and vigorously reamed is how all marriages are consummated in the matriarchy now, without ceasing, until he shoots his load. It won't be the last time he gets pounded, so the sissy should get used to it.

  2. Thank you. I've never really 'got' the wool fetish thing myself, but I am sure that image is startlingly erotic to someone. Others, of course, will just be regretting that the hat lacks a woolen bobble.

    Best wishes


  3. Yes indeed, although in many the load is simply retained rather than shot, I believe.

    Many thanks for your comments – and for the 'replies' on the Tumblr site too.

    Best wishes


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