The truth will set you free

…so it’s lucky there isn’t much of that in this blog. 

One advantage of their lifestyle is that there won’t be any silly divorce arguments over who owns the property, as that was settled a long time ago.

I used to have a domme who was very into impulse purchases – she’d just see something in a shop and decide she had to have it, then and there.  All sorts of stuff – gadgets that didn’t really do anything useful, clothes she never even wore… if it had been her own money she was spending, it would have been rather worrying.

Men have little idea of the discomfort women go through, but it’s worth trying.


Ah… how sweet.  She still assumes her clients expect to be allowed to come.




As my SO likes to point out: if I were any good at being a responsible decision-maker, I wouldn’t have signed an agreement giving a sadist the right to do anything she likes to me. So it’s much better if she takes all the decisions.  And I can’t argue with that.



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  1. But….why a spanking? Please, I admit I'll only ever be a sissy in life. I won't challenge your authority over me ever again mistress. Have some mercy!!!!

  2. Now, Squaw, even the spanking's for your own good, if you just think about it calmly, hmm? Or even if you don't – it doesn't really affect anything. Sissies need to be spanked from time to time – she's realised that now and she's prepared to make the effort to overcome her kindhearted nature to help you live your best life.

    Best wishes


  3. Sissies are an insult to all Ladies. They implicates, that female is inferior.

  4. A Sissy is a guy who wants to be a girl. Simple. He is fun to know because he doesn't know that he has the same biology as an Alpha man who will get what he wants because he is what we want. If he did know he would be able to be free, but he never will because he is a sissy.

    I am sorry to disagree with the previous contributor. it does not imply that female is inferior, just that a girly boy is inferior.

    My sissy cooked me a lovely meal and worshipped my sweaty feet after I came back from the gym.

    He is, as I write this, dressed in a pretty summer dress with low heels and loose hair. He has asked me if he may kiss my feet after tidying the kitchen and put the pans away.

    He is a lovely sissy, inferior and obedient. His problem is that he wants to be me, which he cannot.


  5. I can see the logic but no one ever said fetishes have to be logical – they just are what they are and that's OK. This isn't really a place to discuss BDSM politics or how to do femdom right – there's plenty of those – it is just a silly blog about having fun with femdom. And sissy play is about as silly and funny as it gets, so it's in.

    Best wishes


  6. Quite right, as ever Ms Zoe. Inferior but lucky too. If he actually were to become you, you know he wouldn't be able to kiss your sweaty foot any more (unless you're very limber) – perhaps he should think on that,. Plus, there's all that awful decison-making (shudder).

    Best wishes


  7. If makes had enough time to sit down and think deeply about the ridiculous concept of male lib instead of continually attending to their owners and chores they would as she demonstrates realise what a folly it is.

  8. Yes, FD is certainly easier for women that straight sex work. Wonder why it hasn’t caught on even more:) SaraE

  9. Indeed, although I suspect that sitting down is not the best position for males to think deeply about anything. Bent across a stool works better for me, as does standing with my nose in the corner. Or – best of all – the one followed by the other. But the principle's the same.

    Best wishes


  10. Yes. Especially since you don't need a lot of fancy equipment – just a few bank cards, basically. Plus it cuts out all that time-consuming 'actually doing something' element of a femdom session and just gets straight to the most important aspect of any such exchange.

    Many thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    Best wishes


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