Blonde justice

C’mon now!  Are you going to let her get away with that? Huh?
Oh.  OK then. 


Yeah, the human body has remarkable self-healing powers. And if not, there are lots more men out there.


She should watch out… illegal to watch that sort of thing in Britain.  Illegal just about everywhere to actually do it too, so don’t worry about a thing – she’s only playing.


Just try to hold onto the memory. For about eight weeks.


I like to be helpful.

You captured my heart, and now that I’m no longer free

…make love to me (in stereo!).

Even cowgirls
So hard to choose…

If I knew you were coming
That’s a relief.  I was feeling a bit unmotivated there, for a moment.  But I expect the whip will sort that out.

Errand cuckold
How humiliating it is… not to have enough of your own money to buy condoms for your wife’s date!  Sigh.  Better fetch the purse.

Personal history embarassment
Nothing to worry about at all.  I’m sure they handle all sorts of different online payments.

Denial again
Grr,  She had a headache last month, too.  I’m beginning to think she might be faking it.
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