I do a lot of snivelling.  I feel it is an under-rated and much-maligned activity; you rarely see the word used in a positive context.

It is truly better to give than to receive, my SO always says, a particularly relevant thought to bear in mind in this festive season.
Go on then… let’s get it over with…
Which nice things to buy, maybe?
He always wanted to be considered ‘statuesque’. Now he will be.

To experience an after-life you have to have had a life, so I don’t think this is what my future looks like.

Simply divine, darling

It’s always such a relief when finally the boxes are all unpacked, there’s a chain the right length in each room, all the pillories and cages have been assembled and you can get back to ordinary married life, for goodness sake.

She’s always taken roleplay very seriously. They tried medical fetish play once and it didn’t turn out well.

Making a decision of my own free will, to do exactly whatever she has told me, immediately, is the secret to a happy life I find.
Oh, you’ve already promised to honour and obey him, so adding love to the mix doesn’t change much.

The truth will not set you free.

I know when I’ve been beaten

You want to get your money’s worth, after all.

I’ve always thought that rubbing cold cream on is kind of disrespectful, you know? I mean, if she’d wanted it to hurt less, she could have done it like that, so it’s almost as if you’re arguing back.

Dommes eh? Will have their little joke. She does that every time, but wise subs will try to laugh each time as if it’s still fresh.

Yes.  Trying to rescind a slavery agreement if she doesn’t want to is technically theft, if you think about it.

Sometimes it’s good if a couple are forced closer together by this sort of thing.  You might find out how much she really loves you.
There’s got to be a joke here somewhere about tenderising the meat. If I think of one, I’ll get back to you, OK?


and believe me, several ladies quite skilled in the art of correction have tried.

Truth and consequences.

Best years of your life.

They seem rather indecisive for such otherwise forceful ladies.  I hope they make their minds up soon… can’t hang about in here all day.

They don’t have tribunals for gross professional misconduct in dreams – that could be another way to tell the difference, in due course.

Good to see them upholding basic safe play standards.  See, many people think pro-dommes are uncaring but it just ain’t so.

Helplessly devoted

Oh relax!  Look if George is hetero too, then it’s not like you’re going to be having gay sex anyway, is it?  I mean, who’s going to make you do it?

The offence?  Oh – unauthorised erection, I think.  Now just watch the caning very carefully and try not to let it happen again, OK?

Could get expensive.

Well I think it’s rather sweet.

Men can be so obsessive about these little things.

Love not given lightly

Femdom hard limits
Now if it gets too much for you, just cry out at any time, OK?  She likes that.

Femdom clickbait goes here
Now that’s the kind of expression I usually have, when I’m in session.  Sort of “oh shit”.
This picture is from  You guessed, didn’t you?

Carla Brown wedding
Well, I think she shouldn’t have.  It’s ridiculous.  I mean, the elevator guy only has to press a button.
 This is the delightful (sometimes too delightful – but I like to imagine her being mean) Carla Brown.  So I guess that makes you Mr Carla Brown.

Mean mistress
Oh – and it does count, even if your fingers are crossed.  So don’t think you’re getting away that easily, boy number 3.

Anne obsession
Yes.  Yes it will.

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