and believe me, several ladies quite skilled in the art of correction have tried.

Truth and consequences.

Best years of your life.

They seem rather indecisive for such otherwise forceful ladies.  I hope they make their minds up soon… can’t hang about in here all day.

They don’t have tribunals for gross professional misconduct in dreams – that could be another way to tell the difference, in due course.

Good to see them upholding basic safe play standards.  See, many people think pro-dommes are uncaring but it just ain’t so.

3 thoughts on “Incorrigible”

  1. Welcome back Servitor, although I am tickled by the idea of a submissive taking summer holidays. I hope you spent at least some of it a dark humid dungeon.
    And I am overjoyed to see the delicious Cobie Smulders making your rotation, she is my Anne Hathaway.


  2. Thank you. It's good to be back and always good to have comments. Actually, I managed to spend a distressingly short portion of the summer having my bottom whacked (and my face vigorously slapped) in a dark dungeon in Milton Keynes. Oh, the horror.

    Anne Hathaway is my Anne Hathaway and, oh, do I wish I were her servitor. Cobie Smulders… well yes, she does, doesn't she?

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