Summer’s ending

… and we’re back in the room. Probably.  This is still the
automated post queue set up before servitor went on holiday.  But I’m
sure everything’s fine.

If this turns out to be the last post ever, though, I suppose you’ll know there’s been a plane crash or something.

…and these will be my last words. From beyond the grave.  Strange thought.  And such nonsense!  Oh well.. perhaps that’s only fitting.

0 thoughts on “Summer’s ending”

  1. So understanding from the castration surgeon and so experienced. I do hope the male up for the snip doesn't take an opportunity to masturbate in the little time left to him due to the delay. But then again he might get arrested doing that and get his nullification delayed still further.

  2. How considerate of that one young lady to spell out why she's cutting off her guy, and how he can just wank himself from now on. Hope she'll continue to remind him of his shortcomings and relate how much better her new lovers all are.

  3. Yes, perhaps one of the nurses could find him something useful to do around the ward – emptying out bedpans and suchlike – while he's waiting. The devil makes work for idle hands and all that. Might help take his mind off things too – it's like the dentist, sometimes you just want to get it over with as soon as possible.

  4. Oh, I don't suppose he'll be interested in hearing about all that stuff. He'll have moved on, you see, finding new interests in life: ironing, cleaning the boyfriend's shoes, that kind of thing.

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