The Garden of Earthly Delights

Obviously, anyone’s bound to feel a bit nervous before having a microchip inserted into their brains, but just ask any man who’s had it done – you’ll hear nothing but gratitude.
They’re quite smart, those ‘rate my date’ sites.  I tried sneakily entering a positive review about myself and I was automatically redirected to Where I built up quite a profile, actually, until my SO stopped all that nonsense.
One positive thing is that he has discovered he and his father-in-law have a lot in common, so that’s nice.

Mmm… edgy.  Let’s hope she doesn’t get too drunk this time.

Despite the general female-led tendency of this blog, I want to make clear that I think it is OK to have disagreements between husband and wife in marriage.   I disagreed with my SO once, very early on in our life together, and although it was painful – very painful, actually – I think we both found it to be a learning experience that made our marriage stronger.
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