Life is pain, Highness

True, that. I’ve experienced a lot of pain in my relationships with women and I can only hope and pay for more in the years to come.

The dog gets the jelly bits from the cans of food, too… it’s really not fair.
It might be quite difficult for Treasure at first, as she has such a kind personality, but with the right teacher I’m sure she’ll learn to enjoy it.
As if there was any doubt that men are pigs – look at this guy! Couldn’t he have made at least some effort with his appearance, for the most important conversation he’ll ever have?
Apparently that’s called a ‘power pose’ – makes her feel powerful and in-charge. Although frankly, even sitting down in a comfy chair with someone draped across her lap awaiting the hairbrush, she comes across as pretty in-charge to me.
Phobia play’s a lot of fun and you don’t need the complicated set-up depicted here. Claustrophobia play, for instance, can be effective using something as simple as a heavy sack and a cupboard. And with two claustrophobes, it’s more than twice as much fun.
Might start to chafe after a while.

Dumb hearts get broken


I just hate feeling useless…




Actually, the little hole can be opened up wider.  But not for food.



Pookles is beginning to wonder whether he should put his foot down in this relationship. Or just throw himself on the floor and scream uncontrollably.


Don’t try to understand women’s sexuality.  It’s more complex and subtle than the male variety.



Maybe she’ll let you kiss her feet afterwards, before dragging yourself from her presence.



And a little bit of found femdom for you. This is the webcomic Fluffy Bunny, which seems to be quite old but I had not encountered before.  Mostly it’s a bit too cute for my tastes, but I did like this one:





Negative feedback

It’s the only sort I get.

Interestingly, adult babies and other submissive employees are explicitly excluded from the provisions of the staff handbook relating to discrimination, bullying and abuse.

It also means she has two boxes of chocolates to throw away instead of one.
The rest of the room is decorated in the same style.
Many men would pay a lot of money for that sort of experience.  Not all their money, as he will, admittedly. But a lot.
Phew.  I was beginning to think I was going to have to get through this alone.  Talking about how sexually frustrated I feel, with a bunch of other men, is going to help a lot.

Suffering fools

Gladly or otherwise.

I never want to be more than two paces behind… for the rest of my life.

I hate having to disturb her when she’s working.  But I can’t just take money from her purse without permission, so…

Tony gets steak and chips… not fair, I say.  But then he does have a night of vigorous sexual activity ahead of him, so I suppose he needs the calories.

Sometimes they get a babysitter, but if they’re not going out until 7.30 or so, it’s easier just to put Paul to bed half an hour early.  I mean it’s not like anything can go wrong, with his mittens fastened to the sides of the cucky-drawer.

Aparently, a lot of condemned prisoners have women writing to them offering sex.  I don’t think that’s going to happen to him, though.

Take me, I’m yours

Because dreams are made of this.

And if she isn’t free, your daughter’s got lots of other friends who could step in.

Did you have something better to do? No?  Well then.

That half a day’s going to drag a bit.  I hate not really having anything to do, you know?

Those two extra legs make all the diference.  Insects don’t usually have such big fangs too.
Could be a career breakthrough here.  Make yourself valuable to stars like Gigi Allens and who knows where you might go?

It’s a girl thing

Maybe just for the company?


And work slowly around the rest of your body.
The delightful Strict Miss Zoe, who in addition to being strict is a really sweet and lovely person.


There’s something comforting about a collar.


Yeah. He’ll have been fine. Probably. Anyway, that’s not really the point of the story, you know?


Oh go on – try the chat-up line anyway, why not?

Mildly pornographic and feebly humorous captioned images relating to female domination

…well, the subtle post headers don’t seem to attract as much traffic as the more literal ones, so I thought I’d try a different tack.  On with the show:

Sexy babysitter - shame youll be locked up
Well, at least she hasn’t invited her boyfriend over like the last one.

The thighs...
Genies… just when they think they’ve seen it all, they can still be surprised, huh?

Dangerous is sexy and vice versa
I think an important lesson will be learned here, don’t you?

Pain management lessons
Don’t worry, she’s recently taken an advanced-level course in pain management.  She’s really good at it.

Another castratrix image oh my
Could you get some milk as well? Thanks, you’re a treasure.
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