Dumb hearts get broken


I just hate feeling useless…




Actually, the little hole can be opened up wider.  But not for food.



Pookles is beginning to wonder whether he should put his foot down in this relationship. Or just throw himself on the floor and scream uncontrollably.


Don’t try to understand women’s sexuality.  It’s more complex and subtle than the male variety.



Maybe she’ll let you kiss her feet afterwards, before dragging yourself from her presence.



And a little bit of found femdom for you. This is the webcomic Fluffy Bunny, which seems to be quite old but I had not encountered before.  Mostly it’s a bit too cute for my tastes, but I did like this one:





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  1. Hey. Long time fan. Really enjoyed number 3, which is a bit of a departure for you. I'd love to see more of that body shape and type of play. Thank you for everything.

  2. Yeah, it's actually a fantasy of mine as well. Fewer pictures out there suitable for captioning, but I'll try.

    The one time I tried for what was supposed to be an adult baby session it really didn't work out, though. The domme was rather lovely but didn't really seem to get the idea of being maternal, which is odd as she did seem on her web site to specialise in it. I ended up wearing a nappie and a little frock, but giving her a naked massage while she murmured about how good it felt – which was quite pleasant but not what I was looking for.

    That said, in a session with a lovely domme who I used to visit a lot – who definitely did not do the maternal domme thing as she's an elegant, blonde diva – she once forced me to eat this cauliflower and cheese babyfood which was quite the nastiest thing I have ever eaten and we giggled about it in several sessions thereafter.

    Anyway, enough reminiscing about near-misses… I shall see what I can do, in this genre, OK? But don't expect radical changes… I now have almost 2000 unposted captioned images in the pipeline (which at least means the blog is not going to end any time soon).

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  3. That's reassuring just as reassuring as feeling the confines of a cage whether a just over ones nasty bits. I think disparities of seniority are good in most of their connotations. Femsup

  4. I wasn't quitre sure which of these that comment referred to but thank you for it anyway, Femsup.

    Did you mean being shut into a locker by a bullying schoolgirl and made to thank her? If you didn't mean that… why on earth not? I think that would be lovely lovely lovely.

    Best wishes


  5. You must write a paen to your bully or bullies at school. They helped drive you to be as you are now. Femsup

  6. Regrettably, I went to an all-boys school (in Britain – and yet I turned out to be sub obsessed with CP! What are the odds?). Howwever, I will certainly try to write more paeans. Can't have too many of those.

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