Domesticated bliss

Actually: confession time. I, servitor, am not actually into femdom at all. It’s all a cruel punishment perpetrated upon me by an evil woman who forces me to spend hours each week scouring the internet for pictures of ladies in leather boots, or holding canes – which don’t excite me at all! – and write silly captions on them. Oh, the torment.

Well, these things matter, y’know?  Sure, Kurt’s main priority right now is to spend the night fucking your wife like a piledriver.  But in the morning, he’s going to want a nice fresh pair of briefs to pull over his aching cock, amiright?

My SO, a few of her friends and I played this game with a tattoo pen once.  Goodness, we laughed!  Some of us.

Would it be to make a banana smoothie?

Cultural norms can vary a lot, even within the same country. At the office where I work, for example, I’m allowed on the furniture and to drink water without asking permission.

What do you call a slave all wrapped up in brown paper?


What do you call a trannie, with one ankle tied tightly up to ‘her’ genitals?


How many slaves does it take to – oh never mind.  In my heart, I know I’m funny.

On with the pictures…I’ve got pages and pages of great material.

Unnecessary whipping oh dear
Still, no harm done.

What a lovely picture
I’d forgive her.  Wouldn’t you forgive her?

Smaller penis humiliation
He’s quite a big boy, but now he’ll be able to try small penis humiliation!  For a while anyway.  Isn’t that great?

Just fruit
I thought we’d try a change from the sexual themed pictures.  Just a pretty girl eating a banana.  Wholesome fun. 

Submissive by name
And you can call her Ma’am.
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