Decadence: time for birthday spankings

Ten years today.  Good grief. 

Here are some of my favourite ever captioned images.  In general, when there’s one I am really pleased with, it is because the words and photo go together perfectly.  Either because the lady’s expression seems just right – in that, once you’ve read the caption you can imagine she’s saying that, or even be unable to imagine she could be saying anything else – or just because the caption picks up some quirk in the scene.

Other people might like other ones.  Or stories.  But I adore each and every one of the ones below, so I won’t comment further.

And, of course….


… and…

…and finally, what my Tumblr stats suggest is the most popular captioned image I have ever done.  Which is quite heartening, as it’s not some fetish scene with latex-clad blondes (delightful though those are), but simply this:




So here’s to the next ten years.  Starting tomorrow with a bonus post of new stuff, to make up for all this recycled trash we’ve had over the last few days.





Decadence: the Ladies

What would this blog have been over its 10 years of existence, without its regular Ladies?  Ridiculous question, as that’s obviously where the main attraction lies.  Let’s pay tribute (no really – get yourself to an ATM and stuff an envelope) to those ‘regulars’ who all unknowingly, unceasingly, uncaringly and without regard to copyright, so often enlighten this otherwise dismal corner of the Internet.  

Some domme, some vanilla – the sole criterion today is frequency of appearance.  So here they are again (and they will all be back).  Most names are hyperlinks.

Mistress Eleise

 Not a particularly interesting caption, I’m afraid, but when the image is perfection itself, who cares?





Mistress Mina

have never met her, but her lovely, wicked smile is so much more fun to
caption than the stereotypical ‘domme grimace’ that she features here a


I have not met her either, obviously.  But I do envy her dog.

Mistress Sidonia





 Do you think we might like another picture of Gal?  I do.



The Ladies of Cruella (who took a flamethrower to my brain as a teenager in the 1990s). 

Link may not work but worth tracking down, as the guy who does ‘modern Cruella’ does seem to be the same as the one who did these all those years ago (he seems to keep re-doing his Internet sites, presumably trying to find ways to monetise this stuff – I hope he succeeds, as he deserves it).  The modern material isn’t bad at all either, but I have very special memories of furtive visits to Soho to summon up the courage to buy magazines featuring these lovelies.

NB: I once saw them on sale on the top shelf of a regular Pakistani newsagent… I could never imagine asking in a context so vanilla.  “Yeah, 20 Silk Cut please mate and erm… have you got a copy of the latest Cruella?  Oh – that’s last month’s isn’t it?  I’ll take the Goddess, then: the one with the guy licking the boot.  Yeah, thanks.  Oh – and I’ll have this Kit Kat too.”

Madame Katerina 

Whose name I have spelled many different ways over the years.  Shhh… nobody tell her, please.   OWK came in just about the end of my teenage formative years.  They published magazines for a couple of years, because they started just before Internet femdom took off.  They had advertised for a year or so in Cruella et al before launching: extraordinary, evocative pictures of concentration camp femdom.  The magazines did not disappoint, when they finally arrived.  Impressively high production values, and a convincing commitment to the fantasy.  I don’t care in the least whether it was ‘real’ in any meaningful way or not, I really don’t.


‘President Hathaway’ series would be rather shorter, without Megyn
Kelly.  I’ve never actually watched her on TV, I doubt I’d like her
politics.  But boy, does she look the part.  In fact, Fox News (now
without her) appears to feature almost nothing but leggy, imperious
blondes which is (for me) essentially its only saving grace.

And although I’m mostly heterosexual (or would be, if anyone ever let me), I’ve got to admit Trudeau does have a very spankable butt…

Nata Lee

lovely Russian model.  A lot of her content out there consists of what I
must regretfully call ‘tit and bum’ shots, which I think rather
unnecessary, given her sweet, extraordinarily pretty face.  But of
course, that’s up to her.

Lady Sophia

domme, whose in-session persona was actually very similar to this. 
Retired now, so no link – sorry, you’re just too late and that’s that.

Divine Mistress Heather

Rodea and Cindi

know, I know… Miami/American Mean Girls is a very commercial site,
nothing at all authentic about it – even some questionable content
recently too.  But unlike almost all the mean girl ‘hey loser’ content
out there, a lot of it is done very well and these two especially are
lovely: their disdainful personas perfectly matching their elegant
beauty.  ‘Goddess Rodea’, incidentally, has moved on to other things and
clearly despises the whole humiliation fetish scene.  Which just makes
it even better, ironically…

Young Goddesses, especially Irina

No link for this one because the guy who used to make them took against the whole business and links to his sites now just lead to complaints about the unprofessionalism of the ladies he had to work with, along with warnings about the perils of excessive masturbation – and not in a good way.

But there are some lovely images of some lovely Russian ladies, doing quite unpleasant things, out there.

Irina is the one on the left, showing off her trademark delightful, amused smile.  She is findable on the Internet as Irina or occasionally as Cofi Milan and she smiles a lot.

The Hunteress


and of course…

Decadence: just the pictures

 So… to celebrate 10 years of ruining otherwise lovely images of ladies, by sticking witless captions on them (but never, ever overlapping the ladies themselves – that’s a rule) I will be putting up some of my favourites over the next few days.  Yes: we celebrate 10 years by putting up repeats that you’ve already seen…

Today: some of my favourite images I have posted, selected without worrying too much about whether the captions are any good or not.  Some are, some aren’t: but occasionally the pictures are so perfect that they have to be captioned even if I don’t have any particularly good ideas.

I just like their expressions.

like their expressions too.  If they aren’t saying something hurtful
and humiliating, and enjoying it as much as they appear to be, well they
damn well should be, that’s all.

again, although here the likelihood that they were actually saying
something hurtful and humiliating is perhaps a little higher.

think this might be my favourite femdom image of all time.  It’s not
specifically a femdom image, of course.  When you search for it, you mostly
get sites relating to workplace bullying, which is probably an activity
that’s less fun in reality than in fantasy.  But… but she’s just
shouting… right in his face!  Isn’t it lovely?

Again, it’s the look.

Her expression… and the general situation.  Four of them… face it, you are going to be way out of your depth, even if the two at the back are more interested in each other than in you.

hard to say what it is I like about this photo.  Maybe the framing, or
the perspective?  It’s probably some kind of technical
photographological stuff like that, anyway.  Definitely probably
something like that.

Jenna Coleman, on a break during filming Dr Who, I believe.  We need
more pictures of beautiful actresses dressed as Victorian governesses. 
Many more.

I occasionally feature male dominants or others into heavy, macho S&M gear here – usually dressed something like this.

And, of course…

So true, so true.  And I have many pictures of her.

Decadence: themes

Just a brief guide to the last 10 years, for anyone confused (I am conscious that most of my readership is male, so clear thinking is likely to be in short supply). 

Sometimes the tags lead to posts entirely themed around the, erm, theme, sometimes just to posts that feature at least one captioned image in the theme.  Just work with it, yeah?

Downton domination.  Femdom from a more elegant age.


World War M.  Reminiscences from when the war between the sexes turned hot; styled on World War Z.  The war began in North America and was touch-and-go for a while, but the ability to multi-task and think rationally, on one side, as opposed to moronic sexism on the other, soon turned the tide.  The last fighting, in the hold-outs in Texas and other Southern states, was intense.  The conflict went global, finishing – naturally – in Saudi Arabia where some understandable acts of girlish exuberance following the final victory over patriarchy marred the ushering in of a more peaceful, better-ordered world.  NB: the vets refer to their opponents as ‘mutts’, loosely based on an acronym for male terrorists, or occasionally just ‘M’.  They also collect ‘trophies’ from dead mutts or, occasionally, live ones.


OWK Ladies remember.  Reminiscences in the style of a TV documentary.

Bit of politics.  Political captions, having nothing at all to do with Ben Elton apart from the title.  All of the ‘President Hathaway’ series are here, many of them using screencaps from TV programmes.  Possibly my most popular series, which is why it is unfortunate that it does not have its own tag, as there’s a lot of other stuff in the ‘bit of politics’ tag too (including anti-Brexit ones, just to bring the culture war home again).  So you have to look hard for the President Hathaway stuff, but then life’s supposed to be difficult for males, isn’t it?  Helps keep them focused.

Incidentally, the longevity of this blog is becoming a problem.  Some of these Femsuprem victories were predicted in what is now the past rather than the future (which just means we have more to look forward to, I suppose).

Another world.  Also political and therefore often included in the tag described above.  But the politics in this world are… different.  Still Femsuprem, but taking a more direct approach to redressing the balance of centuries of patriarchy.  That’s what you get for disparaging democracy and trying to deny the results of an election, I suppose.  Different paths… which will we follow?






Turning Points.  Oh, you know what this is. Paltego likes these.  So do some other people.


Hot chicks in empire-line dresses.  Captioned images from earlier days than the period covered in Downton Domination – before the Gill Sans font was invented, even.  Occasionally feature images of heart-stopping beauty, thanks to the movie Becoming Jane.  NB: if you don’t know what an empire-line dress is, you’re not paying enough attention to your needlework lessons, sissy.

Advice to… well, to various people, really.  To novice subs, to American subs visiting Europe, to male maids, even (in a spirit of humble suggestion) to novice dommes.  From whence came, just last year, Rule 18.  Note that Contemplating the Divine bears no liability for any injuries suffered as a result of following the advice presented.


Fairy tales.  Stories and captions that are, erm… fairy tales.   About fairies.


Includes my story The Lovelorn Blacksmith, which got some good reviews. 

Speaking of stories… so many stories, not all consistently labelled as such.  Actually, many of them are just captions that got too long to be a caption.  So there aren’t many long-running themes but here are a few.

Mistress Valerie – ancient tales (most pre-blog), written for and about my first domme (whose name was not Valerie, but was not far off it either).

Serena and Alice – stories about a man-hating mad scientist and her girlfriend, featuring extreme, sadistic violence against males: torture, mutilation, scat, death.  But at their heart, they are sweet and touching love stories, like all the best tales.  Boy meets girl, girl meets girl, girls enslave boy and torture him to death for sexual kicks… that kind of thing.  The first of these was written about ten years ago, so it was a bizarre revelation in the middle of last year when I realised that my two ‘steady’ dommes over… oh about the last six years now, were first Alice, then Serena.  Kismet.  Synchronicity.  Or more likely just a coincidence.

Fembots – not a consistent series (unlike Freddie’s more sustained efforts) but I have dabbled in the genre.

A few favourite stories:

Missives, especially the third one

The Princess and the penis (also in ‘fairy tales’ surprisingly enough)

Final edits – humiliation, vaguely turning points-ish

Extra service – one of many ‘helpline’ stories

Can you imagine? – definitely not a ‘turning point’ and rather melancholy.

Cashless society – almost startlingly prescient, in retrospect.

Reprogrammed (fembot!)

Street vendor – looking for humiliation play.

Priorities (male maid!  science!)

Tomorrow’s World – especially for Brits of a certain age.

Crossover – Just a little musing on what a ‘mainstream’ porn star (the wonderful Gigi Allens) thinks of her femdom work and the ‘men’ who like it… It’s about as complimentary as regular readers of this blog might expect. Is it a good story?  Let’s just say that it has lots of pictures of Gigi Allens, so I expect we can agree the quality of the prose really doesn’t matter, can’t we?

Slave Tony.  Bleak and depressing.  No, really: it is. 

Rewards and penalties.  Much more fun.  Read this instead of Slave Tony.

Waiting.  A joke-free and I hope fairly atmospheric rendition of one of my most common fantasies: it’s all about the build-up to the beating, not the act itself.

Oh, and in case you’re losing touch with it: a dose of reality.


And finally, the only CtD post you’ll ever need.  And yet, almost seven years on I am still knocking them out at a rate of two a week (oo-err!).  In Gill Sans, obviously. 

A decade of decadence

This blog started on January 26 2011.  So it has been almost ten years… and here’s me, with so much ironing still to do.

Nonetheless, it’s true: this blog has been wasting everyone’s time (well… the time of an infinitesimal fraction of the human race) since that long-ago date, with a post titled “Why are we here?”, the answer to which remains obscure 1318 posts later.

I hadn’t originally expected to focus on captioned images.  A couple of years before, I had visited a domme for the first time; a lady who was to be the only domme I visited for the next three years.  She has now retired and has a vanilla profession so I will say nothing to identify her.  At the end of my first – wonderful, life-changing – session she instructed me to write an account of the session, for her web site, which I did and I was immensely proud when she published it.  It became a habit, and after a while I also started writing short fiction stories to send her.  I think she did genuinely like most of them.

Anyway, I set up the web site to publish those stories, along with any random wittering that might occur to me.  I did put up most of them – if you are interested, the easiest way to see them is to download the pdf collections using the ‘Servitor’s femdom stories’ links to the right, there.  My wonderful Lady and her lesbian partner feature in them too, under the pseudonyms of Valerie and Sandra.  This one perhaps gives the most lifelike impression of her: Take me to your Mistress.  But this is my favourite, because of the way it shows the relationship between the two of them: The elves and the dominatrices.    

I very soon started producing captioned images as well as stories and… now I’ve published just over 5000 such images, horrifyingly enough.  I do occasionally still write stories, but more often when something appears as a story on this blog it’s just a caption that became unfeasibly long.  I have over 2000 unpublished captioned images and I produce anything up to another 100 each month, so it’s not stopping any time soon.

So… a great deal of drivel has been produced – and more of it to come.  I’m going to put up some of my favourite drivel over the next few days.  

We’ll begin with some of the silliest.  I get the impression that the silly ones that make me giggle aren’t the most popular.  I don’t mind.  I like silly.  I love to behave in a foolish manner in session and get slapped for it.  Let’s get the silliest over with, then it’ll get more sensible as we move towards the actual deciversary (deci-anniversary?).



I love this one.  Not just because of the latex-clad lovelies, although they help a lot, it’s true.



Lovely Lexi Sindel.

kind of writing is obviously inspired by the Far Side.  I do that a
lot.  I realise it’s nothing like as funny as the Far Side – and incomparably more
perverted – but inspired from there nonetheless.

See? Again: like Gary Larson but with added obscenity and subtracted wit.

I’ve always liked this one.  Sadly, neither of the UK’s two new aircraft carriers will be called HMS Cindy, although I did hear that former President Trump frantically tried to name one of the new US super-carriers the USS Svetlana, for reasons presumably known only to him and the Russian intelligence services.

Very Far Side.  Plus testicles.

What a lovely smile.  Two lovely smiles.

Sorry about that…couldn’t resist.

‘Oops’ has to be right up there near the top of the list of ‘words you don’t want to hear in session’ . ‘Tarantula’ would be above it, for me anyway.

Would probably have been included in Rule 18 if I’d been doing that back when I made this.

Ooh… edgy.  Self-referential and self-loathing too!

I quite like mocking session conventions (see Advice to a Novice etc…). 
This caption might have run away from me a bit, but I just love the
idea that a bit of strict schoolmistress play has turned into a
discussion of the annealing process for glass, because of some random
stuff she wrote on the blackboard.

Grrr!  Picture from the heyday of Cruella, there.  More of those to come.

Could have been any of them.

And, of course…


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