Damned lies and sadistics


Guys need to be kept busy, preferably with female oversight, or their attention wanders. There’s no one right way to do it.  It could be anything from meticulous housework for that one special lady, through scrubbing the pavements as part of a community-run cleaning squad all the way to five years of hard labour in a male re-education camp. It’s all good.




If you can’t afford a lovely sound-proofed dungeon and you want to enjoy the screams, just have a word with your neighbours.  Most will be perfectly happy with the noise, as long as you talk to them about it.  And you might even find a common interest!

 The lovely Mistress Mina Thorne, of course, about to show off her CBT skills.  I’d like to link to her web site but I am not at all sure that this is actually her, as I read somewhere she is retired, sin which case I’m afraid your C and B will just have to be T-ed by someone else.  Unless she isn’t retired, in which case they won’t.  I expect someone will know?




So you couldn’t even save up a few weeks’ pocket money?  No wonder she prefers Harold – I mean, apart from all the other reasons, obviously.

My SO was absolutely furious when I came home once with a prescription for painkillers. She said she felt it devalued the hard work she was putting into our marriage. It was very unfeeling of me, and I have to say I did feel very uncomfortable as a result, for a long time afterwards.




In-laws can take some getting used to and there’s no harm in getting out of the occasional evening with a little white lie, especially if you spend that evening learning to be a better husband.

But females are strong as Hell


Servitor’s tip: if you are going to propose to your ‘mistress’ during a ‘fem dom’ session, think about which kinky activities are most appropriate to that moment.  Face-slapping is a definite yes, forced bi rather less so.
Even if (as we suspect) the switching moment is not just about to occur, all true male doms understand that females are submissive really, deep down inside. Master Mark knows he just needs to wait… eventually the girls are bound to follow their natural instincts.

An old caption.  Unless something surprising happens between my putting this into the queue and publication.  Which seems unlikely. As surprising things so often are.

It’s always a shock, in mid-life, to discover you’ve actually been gay for some time without even realising it.
I’d rather go bowling with Simon, actually, but what do my opinions matter?

Domestic violence

I want readers of this blog to be quite clear: I am totally opposed to domestic violence.  Luckily for me, She isn’t.

She’s not a morning person.  Nor was he before he got married, come to think of it.

Jean and Roger are pretty cool, for a couple in their late 70s, huh?

Mnemonics very easily make juvenile subbies utterly nervous.

I suppose a tip is out of the question?
 The wonderful Lexi Sindel of course, who can be observed from a suitably safe distance at English Mansion and Femdom Empire, amongst other places.

Divorce can be a painful process.

Distorted view…see-through, baby blue

Oh, Arnold Lane. Pictures are mostly unrelated.

Yes…but…in the church?


Actually, on this blog it’s not amazing.  It was practically a certainty.


Lots of men feel embarrassed about how they behave during castration.  It’s a shame, because it’s not as if they’ll ever get another chance.


I wonder if it’ll feel different, being whipped as a married man….


Interestingly, the one time they tried vanilla sex, she accused him of being only halfway in when in fact he was fully committed.  It’s obviously a thing with her.

Unequal rites

Femdom dental nurse says open wide
The irony is that so far she hasn’t actually managed to remove the one that’s been aching lately.

Dommes just wanna have fun
It’s actually very unprofessional of her, because he requested no marks.

A proper apology is required
Maybe when it’s all finished she’ll let you have one.  Or maybe she’ll just leave you there for the night, like last time.  Marriage.  It’s an adventure.

Dominance is bliss
Sounds like a perfect match.  I should warn you, though, she does like it a bit kinky in bed.  And out of bed.

Anne has people to do the torturing for her
Always pushing the boundaries.  That’s star quality, that is.
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