Damned lies and sadistics


Guys need to be kept busy, preferably with female oversight, or their attention wanders. There’s no one right way to do it.  It could be anything from meticulous housework for that one special lady, through scrubbing the pavements as part of a community-run cleaning squad all the way to five years of hard labour in a male re-education camp. It’s all good.




If you can’t afford a lovely sound-proofed dungeon and you want to enjoy the screams, just have a word with your neighbours.  Most will be perfectly happy with the noise, as long as you talk to them about it.  And you might even find a common interest!

 The lovely Mistress Mina Thorne, of course, about to show off her CBT skills.  I’d like to link to her web site but I am not at all sure that this is actually her, as I read somewhere she is retired, sin which case I’m afraid your C and B will just have to be T-ed by someone else.  Unless she isn’t retired, in which case they won’t.  I expect someone will know?




So you couldn’t even save up a few weeks’ pocket money?  No wonder she prefers Harold – I mean, apart from all the other reasons, obviously.

My SO was absolutely furious when I came home once with a prescription for painkillers. She said she felt it devalued the hard work she was putting into our marriage. It was very unfeeling of me, and I have to say I did feel very uncomfortable as a result, for a long time afterwards.




In-laws can take some getting used to and there’s no harm in getting out of the occasional evening with a little white lie, especially if you spend that evening learning to be a better husband.

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  1. I obey and I obey. I get less punishment but I’m so frustrated.
    Some guys get all the luck, but not poor me.

  2. Silly men. The attention is all on women, not you men. We women use or abuse men as it pleases us.

  3. Mother-in-law visit. You had better change your mind quickly and beg and plead and lick her feet, to let you go to the mother-in-law. Women with such soft faces can be really mean, if crossed.

  4. Men libbers. You men are pussy whipped. Look at the smirk on her face. She’s not even concerned about those libbers. She’s fully confident in her power over you. She holds all of the cards
    Give up men. Throw yourselves at my mercy. Your only hope is to serve my emotions, my feelings. You should live for that; that’s your purpose in life.

  5. I do hope the security camera either on the outside or the one inside captured the faces of those lazy individuals wanting to disturb the domestic tranquility of a Woman's household. I can just see Nigella Lawson doing that TV program. Using household items their males use whilst cooking. Maybe the extra heavy marble rolling pin. Oh and there is a May Thorne who advocates mass societal castration for the majority of males. Femsup.

  6. Hi, Frank here. I want to join PWLA (pussy whipped losers anonymous). There we losers share our disappointments with women. We help each other overcome our addiction to women.

  7. Frank, you’re a man after my heart. We men are disappointed in women because they don’t care or even want to understand our feelings. They’re only interested in their own agenda. Depressing but true.
    I’m Also a Frank.

  8. I was talking, over coffee, to an old friend of mine from uni called Samantha, or Sammy for short.

    She owns a small factory making perfumes for the Indian market called Pretty Roses, Sundar Gulab in Hindi. Over 60% of her factory are male sissy slaves. They are paid a minimum wage.

    My own sissy slave, Max, came in and asked if he could worship my feet as I chatted to Sammy.

    ''Ok, babe. Remember I have two feet.''

    Sammy was shocked, but she agreed when he asked if he could kiss and worship her feet too.

    It is nice to catch up with old friends, she makes a lot of money from her factory and does a lot of travelling too.


  9. Sammy was telling me about a Tarot reading she had when she was in India last year. The woman told her that she was a powerful woman who is the earthly manifestation of a Goddess called Haji Menthrusta. This will mean she will be a successful businesswoman and be happily married to a sub sissy man. Sammy thought this was interesting, but she is already successful and not dating at the moment.

    Max seemed to sense she is a Goddess as he is very keen to worship her when she visits.

    I have allowed Max to sleep with my stinky pantyhose as a special treat. He seems pleased.

    I wonder what a Tarot reading would do for me.


  10. Me thinks that Max should be very careful around you. He wouldn’t want to make a wrong step.

  11. In its early years Men's Lib was quite a good idea. Men would meet once a month in a village hall to discuss recipes and cleaning tips and flower arranging and such domestic things. My Max wasn't allowed to go because I didn't want him mixing with the type who went. Types who didn't have a wife or girlfriend and were there to learn some social skills. Some of them were of the rougher, coarser sort.

    Later on, Men's Lib became more political and there was talk of them being the equal of women, of being allowed to vote in elections, of being able to have financial independence.

    So, that is how we have the Men's Lib movement of today. A group of losers who talk nonsense and dream of being the equal of women.

    It should, of course, be a banned organization, but our, stupid politicians think it is good for men to have a place to go to share ideas.

    Max has said he agrees that men can never be the equal of women and he would never want to vote or be allowed to speak to me without permission.

    So, dear Servitor, there are men around who are quite sensible on these matters.


  12. Excellent comment Ms Zoe. Women feel the thrill of power and dominance, while men feel the security of knowing their place of serving. Quite simple.

  13. I’m much more emotional than men. My man must pay attention to MY emotions. No equality here. It can be a tumultuous time for my man. I know. I’m very emotional. But at least we have the same focus; my emotions, we’re together on this. Instead of his strutting his stuff; he knows his place. In a big emotional storm he can feel secure in knowing that his role is to concentrate solely on my feelings.

  14. WARNING!! If a man defied me, I’d have such a temper tantrum that he wouldn’t know what hit him. He’d find out what real verbal and physical punishment is. He’d be crushed emotionally. A basket case of a former man.

  15. I know exactly what you mean, Holly.

    Sometimes I feel a kind of hormonal rage, it is like I am taken over in some way by overwhelming feelings that are extremely intense.

    It is difficult for men to understand because they are more simple creatures with basic needs to eat, sleep, have sex, obey.

    I try not to take my feelings out on my sissy husband, Max, but then he does something really annoying, and I just have to vent my rage on him.

    My mother always said the deep hormonal feelings are our secret power.

    Thanks for your wisdom, Holly.


  16. Dear Holly
    Men are constantly desiring me. Sometimes I play and tease them. Most of the time I’m bored with them.
    Now, Mr Emotional Man who pays serious attention to my emotions. Now that man I could take to the Pleasure Palace.
    Betty. Known as BJ.

  17. Thank you both. I think there are several important differences between temper tantrums by men and by women. It's the difference between a mousy squeak of impotent rage and the roar of a feline huntress. One induces contempt, the other awe.

    Best wishes


  18. That sounds very fair, Ms Holly. Men need to realise that they can decide for themselves proudly and independently to devote their lives solely to the service of superior beings. There's nothing inherently shameful in being a servile pussy-whipped wimp; as a matter of fact for many of us it is a step up in life.

    Best wishes


  19. Thank you Femsup. Yes, let's hope those silly men's libbers get appropriate medical treatment. It is technically not illegal, weirdly, to advocate for male equality, but it's quite hard to do so without committing multiple sexism crimes, many of which entail surgical consequences, so there is hope.

    Best wishes


  20. Franks, Franks – what's to overcome? A life of frustration and lonely, pining humiliation awaits: mocked by untouchable, unreachable goddesses. Some of us pay good money for that sort of treatment, you know.

    Many thanks to both Franks.

    Best wishes


  21. That does sound nice, Zoe, and it is nice to have you back too. Indian minimum wage is probably about right for most male workers, unless they have specific useful skills such as low pain tolerance of course.

    Best wishes


  22. Thank you all. The blog is called Contemplating the Divine for a reason: worship is a primary objective. I am maybe less keen on Tarot and similar. My SO graciously let me use some of my allowance to pay for a reading at our local fete last summer, but when the medium drew the cards that foretold my future and examined them carefully, she first looked rather shocked, then began giggling uncontrollably and shooed me out of the tent. It's all just trickery and nonsense, my SO says, and she's usually right about these things.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  23. Ah Ms Zoe, the golden days of 'first wave' men's lib. Back then it focused on practical measures to improve men's lives – such as learning to be less annoying, which is absolutely crucial for men who don't enjoy pain. I quite understand those who think that today's strident, unrealistic men's lib movement should be banned, but in some ways it might be better if these things are out in the open, as long as there are Responsible Females around to step in if things get out of hand. Anyway, well-kept males like your little Maxie wouldn't get permission to go, even if they wanted to.

    Best wishes


  24. Yes, we men find it hard to predict or understand women's emotions, probably for the same kind of reasons that chimpanzees find it difficult to write computer software. We try, we fail, we shriek in pain and beg for mercy, we try again. It's a life-long learning process and the sensible males among us are profoundly grateful for the guidance and correction we receive along the way.

    I hope you don't try to keep your righteous feminine fury suppressed, Mses Holly and Zoe. It needs an outlet and here we are, grovelling at your feet, with no better purpose in life.

    Best wishes to you both


  25. Thank you BJ. My own SO sometimes gets bored with me. I have learnt to accept it, not least because the times when she takes a keen interest in me can be very unpleasant, if thoroughly educational. She has her own pleasure palace, although for me it has a different name.

    Best wishes


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