Penny in my thoughts

Not a proper post, just a quickie to note that this blog was an early admirer of British politician Penny Mordaunt.  Not for her political views, to be honest I barely know what those are and I doubt I would actually find much to agree with if I did.  But more for her firm, no-nonsense style and the fact that… well, she looks like this:

I mean, goodness.  Don’t you think?  I do.  And since you ‘read’ this blog, I suspect you do too.

Oh, and the one other thing I knew about her is that she once made a speech in parliament purporting to be about poultry farming, which was actually an excuse to use the word ‘cock’ as often as possible in a formal legislative debate, as a result of a lost bet.  See – she’s not all stern strictness.

Anyway, yes, her job at the moment is the one announced in the photo below, and as you can see, she is firmly determined and ready to do… to do… well, whatever it is a Lord President of the Council actually does. No one really knows – it’s a British thing to have political jobs with weird titles, like Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Chief Whip or Black Rod. 

But one aspect of the job became clear yesterday.  She does this:

Penny Mordaunt MP is breakout star as her sword is 'Pippa Middleton's Bum  of Coronation' - Daily Star

To which all I can say is, if she ever runs out of umbrella-holders in this grey and damp little island of ours, I stand (or better, kneel) ready to serve.

Who is Penny Mordaunt? Leader of the House of Commons had a star turn at  King Charles's Coronation | Tatler

Oh, and while ‘researching’ this post, I discovered images of her like the below too.  No, not a photo-manipulation.  This is the actual member of Parliament for Portsmouth, taking part in an actual diving competition on TV.

She’s also a vice-admiral in the Navy, by the way.


It’s good to be the Queen

Nice of her to ask, but she really needn’t have.



Don’t judge her, OK?  Let her judge you.




Every hour is devotional time, surely?




Technically, it works just as well when he’s not conscious, obviously, but she finds it harder to get motivated.




Poor things, I hope they’re not too cold.  Thank goodness they have coats, anyway.



Keeping it real

More images of female domination that aim to expose the harsh – sometimes even bleak – reality that underlies our harsh – sometimes even bleak – fantasy world.

Subs are all about rules.  It’s good of dommes to indulge us. I don’t know what I’d do with myself without my chastity regime, for example.

Fake lesbian crap?  On this blog? Surely not.

We would not.

…and I suppose it would be exciting to imagine that she’d be sitting on him, too.  But her fantasy is probably more along the lines of her sitting somewhere else entirely – a nice cafe, for instance – properly dressed.


Lady’s man

I certainly am… well, a lady’s boy, anyway.

There’s nothing like standing in the corner with a well-smacked bottom on display to give you a sense of perspective.

Her fees are reasonable. She isn’t, I’m glad to say.

I tried calling the NHS helpline once, because I thought it would be a turn-on to ask a nurse all sorts of questions about the safety of enemas and how to deal with unwanted erections. The nurse I ended up speaking to was very sympathetic and started taking me through all of the details – but I must somehow have let on that I was just phoning for the sexual turn-on, so it got a bit embarassing after that.  Anyway, he was very nice and we’ve agreed to meet up some time after lockdown ends, so that ended well.

Sometimes a session starts badly, but I find when that happens the best thing to do is put it behind me and try to enjoy myself, anyway.

Wearing a shock collar can give you a sense of perspective too… along with a lot of very unpleasant electric shocks, obviously.

Secondary sex characteristics

In case you’re wondering about the title, that’s the term used in biology for aspects of sex determination other than genitalia.  So, for example, typical male secondary sex characteristics are incompetence, laziness and servility, while typical female ones include divinity, firmness and unapproachability.  Secondary sexual characteristics can be particularly useful when the primary sexual characteristics are missing or too small to see.

Many people find such labelling unduly restrictive in these days of gender fluidity.  I asked my SO what she thought my main sex characteristics were and she just looked puzzled and said she couldn’t think of any.  So there’s hope for the world.

And soon he’ll have a lot.

Mistress Eleise, of course, who has more sexual characteristics than one could list in one hundred blog posts and even managed to retain her poise and grace on several occasions when her Paris apartment was flooded with an inundation of raw, untreated Servitor.

If you do everything she says voluntarily then you don’t get whipped – so where’s the compulsion in that?

Even in exile,  the OWK ladies still speak fondly of the ‘Great Slave Rebellion, though the OWK itself is no more.  There are rumours that the perpetrators are still imprisoned in cells deep beneath the grounds of the former utopia. An unlikely story, true, but they must be somewhere.

Welcome to Plan A.

Balloons?  Anime cosplay?

It Came From Outer Space

And this is how the message ran…

She should put him in the stocks. ‘Cos the sonic doesn’t work on wood.


I believe there are still traces from which civilisation could be reconstructed, under the guidance of the Galactic Community.
I think you’re about to experience their rigorous clinical testing procedures personally
I would just like to point out that as an arachnophobe, I did not at all enjoy searching Google images for the picture on the right hand side in the background there.  I suffered for my art.  Now it’s your tur – oh, I did that one already, didn’t I?
I don’t really understand how anyone can be an atheist, in a world that contains Arianna Grande.   
What’s that you say, blog ‘reader’?  You don’t think this one fits in with the overall science fiction theme of today’s post?  Oh yes, it does.  You see: this is your future.


Sexual veneration

I have quite a few tattoos – my SO says it gives her a feeling of ownership. Mostly shopping lists or phone numbers.

Still, she’s wearing a proper medical outfit, so you know you’re safe in professional hands.

Poor Andy.  Bet he felt humiliated!
I’m quite good at scrabble.  I’m rubbish at blow jobs, though… everyone says so.

Looks like someone has forgotten the virtues of kindness!  Honestly, saying such hurtful about Felicity; it’s hardly in the spirit of charity and forgiveness that the Order prescribes, is it? 

The power and the glory

Goodness. I hope I don’t have to say too many Hail Marys.

There’s an interesting philosophical point there, actually.  Can one ‘show’ nothing?  Or is ‘nothing’ merely the absence of showing? Taking the thought experiment further, can one be ‘nothing’?  My SO says one can, and one is, so that point is fairly settled.
Icelandic femdom is complicated.  But worth it for those interested in play that involves being subjected to extremes of hot and cold, as well as eating raw fish.
Lots of men get quite nervous before their first time with her.  And full-on hysterically terified before all subsequent sessions.

Finishing with a religious theme too. The movie Valentines Day is highly recommended. Taylor, Anne… Mostly vanilla, obviously, but there is even a very brief femdomination scene, with Anne being a phone sex Russian domme with a rubber band.


The annoying thing is, I only bought the car last week. But I guess I can do without it.  It’s essential to prioritise, when making important financial decisions.
She doesn’t mean the bondage. He likes the bondage.  It’s the things she can do to him because he is in bondage that he won’t like.

There used to be a brand of condoms that fitted me just perfectly, but the manufacturer decided to stop producing that particular size.  Not enough demand for it, apparently.  Over 20% of men are that size or less, but they make up only 0.3% of all sexual encounters, so… I can’t really blame them.

And she’ll decide whether you really really need it, or not.
My wife’s very sexually demanding too, but I don’t have too much difficulty keeping her satisfied: the local male escort agencies all give us loyalty discounts now and if I book in advance as well, I can get up to a 25% off the list price. Which is – just about – affordable on my salary, if I’m careful to economise on everything else.

When sorry is the hardest word to shriek

It’s not really ‘permanent’ damage anyway, is it?  I mean, not permanent permanent.  Just to the end of the boy’s life, which is obviously less for the older, over-25 models. Quite a lot less, in some cases.

I’m sure she’ll let them know when she’s good and ready.

Masturbating while looking at pictures of her on the Internet definitely puts you on her fail list too. Sorry.
Hmm… Haven’t heard anything about kissing the bride, yet. Perhaps that’s the surprise she has in mind.
Unfortunately, the thing I’m best at is quaking in fear.  And she doesn’t seem to want that.  Not for this role, anyway.

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