Managing partners

It was kind of her to warn you. Sadly, she’s out of kindness now.
Many people get quite nervous, going on live TV for the first time. But ‘Goddess’ here doesn’t get nervous and while ‘submissive worm’ certainly does, he long ago learned to focus his fear on what – or who – really matters.
Don’t worry, it won’t all be vegetables. She has tins of various meat products too, some with marrowbone jelly.
Of course, the sissy who is complaining here could always use his own safeword. Mistress is very committed to consensual BDSM and allows her sissies to safeword any activity they don’t like. But we’re only a couple of months into the year and he’s learnt it’s best to save it for something really brutal, rather than face ten months with no recourse except pathetic pleading.
Why not both, at the same time?
Try asking about her hobbies over dinner… it’s boring just hearing about someone’s work, anyway.

4 thoughts on “Managing partners”

  1. 1st caption: Well, there is never a good time to piss off your wife. But there are bad days, and then really bad days like now. The former might just let you off with a light beating over her knee with a belt, but the latter might earn you the whip, with you hanging on a pole in an atomic wedgie.

    1. Women can be unpredictable, especially to males because we’re too stupid to understand them. Caution is my watchword. I sometimes see a man cheerfully giving his opinion on something to his wife, without even taking the basic precaution first of ensuring his opinion is fully consistent with hers, and I think “Would you reach out and grab a high-voltage cable without first checking it was safe?”. If we had more empathy, like women do, they wouldn’t have to beat us so often or so furiously.

      Best wishes


  2. Last caption: I asked her hobbies. Beyond the normal stuff, watching netflix, gaming, etc, she also likes to go to femdom night clubs to watch males get humiliated, a d watch femdom porn. The porn that turns her on the most is the stuff on the deep web. Let’s just say I was battling a painfully rock hard fear boner as she described it, trying not to whimper.

    1. She sounds nice. I reckon you’re in there, Squaw. You’ll have to come back and tell us about it, if you still have internet privileges (or, indeed, fingers).

      Best wishes


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