Captured moments

There are worse fates than being trodden upon.
I’m sure you wouldn’t. Not really. Not really really really. Right?
I always find it so hard to remember my details in these circumstances: my name, date of birth… all of that, just flees my brain. Fortunately my password’s ‘Shoelicker’ so that’s easy.
Thank goodness one of you came prepared.
If you think about it (and Kitten’s thought about it a lot) a pay piggie is just like an ideal sugar daddy, because Kitten gets more money to buy the things she wants, doesn’t have to have sex with anyone old and ugly and doesn’t even have to pretend to like you.

Trying not to pose

… for the cameras and the girls (trigger warning: no femdom, big hair, old-fashioned music from when Servitor was young, if such a thing can be imagined).

Always a tricky situation, but she knew exactly how to handle it to prevent embarassment. Women are better at reading social situations like that. Now… what kind of wine goes with spunk?
I’d be their catwalk.
She’s considering a suggestion from some productivity consultants that could eliminate that particular problem. The jerking-off, I mean, not the periods. That would be weird.
She doesn’t have any questions for you, either. It’s that kind of relationship, where you take the other person just as they are. She’s violent and sadistic and you’re… well: restrained and vulnerable. What’s to discuss?
Especially the ‘holding’ bit.
Like a threesome! Five, if you count the socks.

Took my hand and so unkindly

 …cut me down with words so cruel


Many men just don’t appreciate how painful high-heeled shoes can be.





There’s a place near me that does them ready-stomped.  Very wide range of toppings too.



I hope her arm’s not getting tired, the poor thing.  I think someone’s doing all the work in this relationship.



She has great influencing skills.


Yes, but apart from that…?










Brought to heel


Hmm?  Oh.  Sure.


I don’t see why she would be so sure of that.  Just on this occasion he’s the expert, after all.




It’s hardly their fault – boys break so easily, just when it’s starting to get fun.



The worst of it is, she realised when he got home that one of the dresses was the wrong size and he had to go straight back to the shop to exchange it.  Someone must have put it on the wrong hanger – people can be so thoughtless and selfish, sometimes, can’t they?


That’s the thing about crush fetish play – it’s only fun for a short time.

May the Lady make us truly thankful

‘Squeakity’ indeed!  I’d like to point out that I’m actually speaking perfectly normally, just in a very high pitch and with a lot of hysterical shrieking and pleading.

My SO found out once that I’d taken out a book on lock-picking.  She over-reacted completely – as usual! – and after a long and sometimes difficult evening ‘discussing’ it, I had to take it back the very next day.  The librarian was quite pleased: she said there was a long waiting list for it.  All men.

I’ve occasionally wondered what I’d do with all the money, if I won the lottery. I suppose if it ever actually happened, she’d tell me soon enough, though.

It’s perfectly normal. Don’t worry about a thing: you have a long life ahead of you.
She always finds it quite upsetting when this happens.  She’s actually a very nice person – I don’t know why she stays with him.

Unfair maidens

Or even better news.  Depending on what your kink is.
She’s right (she always is) – we men should be able to stand up for ourselves.  Being able to sit down without wincing would be nice, too.

He still has two more wishes, of course. If only the ladies could understand his squeaking… I wonder what they would be?

Of course.

They have a very Special Relationship.

Effortless superiority

Oh well. Being beaten by Simon’s no fun, but there’ll be other guests who want a go too, so…
It’s good when fetishes are complementary* like that.  A friend of mine went on a date with a girl he really fancied, who turned out to have a castration fetish – and that just wasn’t his thing at all. So he hasn’t dated her since.  Or anyone, come to think of it.   Sad, really.
Of course, it’s not just about penis length.  Girth matters too.
Crush fetish again!
Oh.  OK.  (Damn!)

* Now come on, EditorDomme!  Is there another fetish blog anywhere on the Internet that knows the difference between complementary and complimentary?  As you know I take (and ocasionally receive) a lot of pains over my grammar.  I could of just written any old rubbish, but I choose my words with care.

Note: due to technical incompetence out of my control, I don’t have a good record of which captions I posted between July and October this year (and I am not looking through all the blog posts to check…).  So any males reading this who see a caption they’ve seen here before can do some work, for once in their lazy, feckless lives, and let me know in the comments.

Active-aggressive behaviour

Actually, I think her levels of married bliss have never been higher.


Have you noticed their expressions?  I don’t think they’re going to argue about this. Sometimes couples already really know what needs to be done – the role of the external expert is just to help them open up about it to each other.


He does still participate in rapes from time to time, though.  Just in a different role.


Valuable protein.
That kind of bitchy behaviour is quite unusual in OWK, actually. Generally, the ladies work within a supportive and positive team culture.  It’s about mutual respect in the workplace, basically.

Self discipline is over-rated

Always better to get someone else to do it for you, either a professional or an enthusiastic amateur.  That way you’ll get a proper job done.

Swallow or a whipping - or both
Don’t worry about the bruises.  Most clients like them.

Prom date humiliation
It’s not your fault.  I’m sure she won’t be taking it out on you.

Spanking disciplinary wife
I usually find that a short discussion is enough, but often she wants to go into things at much greater length.

Lesbian lust but not for you
Don’t worry – most men experience depression post-castration.  But do you know what?  No one gives a shit.  So that’s OK.

Crushing an insect and your dreams
That reminds me, one of my girlfriends used to have a pet name for me: cockroach. 

The word of command

“No!”, usually.

Electric play nice
Huh!  And she accuses you of being a gadget freak!  Never goes anywhere without that remote, these days.


Time to play torture chamber
So much more fun than silly old ‘naughty maid’.  And the marks last a lot longer too.

Actually, the embarassment comes from the fact that she didn’t realise there’s only one ‘o’ in loser when she did it.  But I’d be too polite to point that out – wouldn’t you?  Still, better than this guy I used to know who became enslaved to an eighteen year-old.  He is branded with the word “Pwned!” – doesn’t it just make you cringe?

Third hand beating
Frankly, I think it’s a bit lazy not to do it herself.  Ooops – you won’t tell her I said that?

Crush slowly caption
I was reading the crush version of Metamorphosis the other day. It’s shorter than Kafka’s original.
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