Captured moments

There are worse fates than being trodden upon.
I’m sure you wouldn’t. Not really. Not really really really. Right?
I always find it so hard to remember my details in these circumstances: my name, date of birth… all of that, just flees my brain. Fortunately my password’s ‘Shoelicker’ so that’s easy.
Thank goodness one of you came prepared.
If you think about it (and Kitten’s thought about it a lot) a pay piggie is just like an ideal sugar daddy, because Kitten gets more money to buy the things she wants, doesn’t have to have sex with anyone old and ugly and doesn’t even have to pretend to like you.

2 thoughts on “Captured moments”

  1. Oh dear, I think those might be the clamps with really sharp teeth. They drew some blood last time she used them but that might be because when she pulled them off, she said “Silly me, I thought those were the spring loaded clamps.”
    Ouch! and Ouch! again they do have sharp teeth. Should I remind her to take them off carefully.
    Anyway, off we go for our picnic. Would it be a mistake to suggest that she might undo also undo a couple of buttons from her top??

    1. Thank you Melissa

      Interesting that she was the one suggested her boy wear the red shirt today. It can be hard to wash bloodstains out completely, whether it’s a woman’s period stains or a man who has been given a good firm dose of the clamps, perhaps with a sharp twist right at the end. She thought ahead.

      As for her own blouse… as long as all the right things are firmly clamped down elsewhere, I don’t see why she’d object.

      Best wishes


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